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Answers to the questions you always asked yourself about hair care

Hair care is a source of doubt: how can I do it so that it doesn't frizz? Can I always carry it? How can I get a head massage? Today we are going to answer these questions and others…

If I have no problem, can I always use the same shampoo?

When a shampoo works well for a type of hair it is better not to change it too much, although it is advisable to adapt the shampoo to the different seasons of the year. For example, in winter it is better to choose a corporizing shampoo to give more texture to the hair, since moisture and cold tend to weigh it, while in summer it is more advisable to use salt, chlorine, more nutritive shampoos to prevent the hair is dry with the sun … What should be taken into account is that a treatment shampoo (dandruff, fall, color …) should only be applied a couple of times a week and alternate with a frequency or neutral shampoo.

How do you dry a curly hair to prevent frizz?

Curly hair is usually thick and unruly or undocutable to comb. If you want to leave natural hair, that is to say totally curly, it is advisable to dry it well with a towel, apply a protective foam or styling gel, and then always dry it with a diffuser. The foam can be both nutritious to prevent hair from drying out. If gel is applied it will give a fresher finish to the hair. If instead you want to dry by shaping the shapes and giving it a wavy gesture, it is convenient to choose the styling foam and work the tufts wrapped in a thick round brush to dry it with brushing.

Is it harmful to always have hair collected?

It is not harmful, as long as rubber with a good protected elastic is used so that the hair does not split. However, it is better to vary the type of collection, which can sometimes be elastic, with tweezers, pins, etc. Anyway do not forget that you should brush your hair at least a couple of times a day, in the morning and at night, that way you give energy to the root and activate the blood microcirculation, yes, you must use a good brush of natural bristles.

Leaving the mask too long in the hair makes it crushed?

It can happen, so it is best to follow exactly the directions on the package to avoid greasing the hair. One thing you can do is cover the hair with a plastic cap or a warm towel so that it acts better. The appropriate time for the mask to act is 20 minutes, although there are less time on the market. Regardless, you can also observe how your hair reacts, since each one has different needs.

Are extensions harmful to hair and scalp? How do I have to take care of them?

Not at all. The new extensions are coupled in such a way that the hair does not suffer. In its right measure and taking a little care we do not have to fear to put on extensions. However, not all of them are the same or applied in the same way. What is important is that you put them in a trusted hairdresser. With regard to care, you should treat them exactly like your hair, since most cases are used with natural hair. That means you have to wash, condition, etc. Think that you can also curl, dye or stretch them.

How can I straighten my wavy hair?

After washing the hair and drying it with the towel, apply a product that helps us smooth the hair and protect it at the same time. Remove excess moisture with the dryer. Then you must split the hair in layers to make it easier to straighten your hair. From that point you can choose between two options: the brush or the ceramic plate. This last option is more advisable for the "health" of the hair, in addition to being faster, more effective and that leaves more shine in the hair. If you opt for the dryer, choose a round brush with thick bristle tines. One tip, do not direct the hot air jet perpendicular to the head, you would burn.

How do you have to wash your hair and do a scalp massage at home?

Deposit a quantity of shampoo on the hand, spread it between the two and apply it on the head by washing it without scrubbing or stirring the hair, it will be washed with the foam that slips. To do the massage, draw circular movements and slight pressure with the fingertips, always from the outside of the skull to the inside, and from the front to the crown, from the ears to the crown and from the neck to the crown . You can now rinse your hair and finish with more or less cold water. If you wash your head daily, a second application of shampoo is not necessary.

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