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Ana Brenda's home secret to growing hair

Ana Brenda's home secret to growing hair


Put the rosemary branch in the bottle, add ½ teaspoon of the hemp oil and place 10 drops of each of the other oils. Mix the concentrate, fill the rest of the bottle with distilled water and shake to homogenize the elixir.

How to use:

Ana comments that she uses it as a treatment on a weekend, on a day that she does not go to work or the night before to wake up with shiny hair and light waves. Spray it all over the hair and braid it to act intensively.

It also points out that, if you want to use the treatment from the morning and bring the oil all day without oiling the hair, Add more water to the rosemary elixir and keep the same amount of oils so that they are more diluted.

Another way to do this remedy so that the hair is not greasy, is to do it without any oil and as an infusion (although it does not leave the same shine). The actress recommends substituting all the essential oils for the natural plant, preparing them as if you were making a tea, pouring the resulting oil into the bottle and using it in the same way.

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