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All the Varieties of Colors 2019

All the Varieties of Colors 2019

Californian wicks are still fashionable mainly for modern, youthful hairstyles and wherever you want to highlight features of your face with lighting, which will make you look prettier.

That is why this trend that began using in the models of couture catwalk and then by famous celebrities some years ago reaching the boom of popularity in 2016 and 2017, today is still valid with greater variation of styles.

Said by experts in coloring, this year 2019 the blonde California wicks They are those that are imposed as the most chosen by women, especially those who want to wear hair with a summer look throughout the year.

Mainly what is done is to degrade by means of light dyes generally, the tips of different strands of the hair from the middle of the mane, leaving the other half from the root with a natural color to the base that the girl who wants to make this beautiful color takes in your head.

The secret of this type of wicks is to be able to achieve a natural tone as if the sun's rays were constantly acting on your hair and achieve that effect as if it were your own.

Although there are different types of colors to apply, more exotic as well as traditional, such as red, blue, white, gray, platinum or dark, the one that is standing out the most in recent months and with the highest demand in hairdressers and beauty salons are the blonde wicks.

Within the shades of blonde wicks you can find platinum, brown, ash and gold as it looks great as a contour of the face offering an effect of softness and very nice movement for your hair, getting a natural shine that highlights the best of your features .

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California Wicks in Blondes

I am fortunate to have a lot of experience when it comes to hair coloring and I can assure you that the ideal shade to make the wicks with Californian style are those of blond color, they can be natural that would be the best, but it can also be a base of artificial dye of blonde hue that you use.

blonde wicks blonde straight hair

Which will have the advantage of being able to wear on your hair regardless of whether you have short, long or half-length hair to implement it and thus achieve a very bright yellow tone, as if the sun's rays are always on your head.

The advantage you have if you are blonde is that you will more easily achieve that gradient that every girl wants to take so that she looks more youthful in sight, but especially with a summer touch that no dye style can achieve.

As if you had been under the sun's rays on the beach resting, that's why many women accompany these bright wicks with a tan that accompanies the skin and you will look wonderful.

As I always say a proper haircut accompanies this type of wicks so the bangs can be a good option to wear this color and use loose hair if you have it long which is ideal, since the dimensions of longer hair They look the best with this technique.

Always remember to achieve that degrade you have to take from the middle of the tuft to the tips a tone or two shades lighter than your natural or root color you wear.

You should not confuse the ombré, which is already going out of style, with California wicks.

The ombré can be identified in a mane because it is marked from the root in a dark hair that will reach halfway with some lighter-colored tips but it is not so natural in many cases that is why it was transferred to the natural color that surfers got it and it was the source of inspiration for hairdressers.

Ash blonde blonde wicks

If it is your case or to the person that you want to apply this type of wick has very blond hair the recommended thing to find a balance is always to achieve the hue of California ash wick or platinum which will achieve a perfect balance, by the range and tones that is achieved.

curly ash blonde

This was proven by many international colorists from recognized beauty salons and they realized that this combination is appropriate by applying in the same way in gradient to give them those natural wicks as if they were from the beaches of Californiana where surfers have the tufts of discolored hair for being so long exposed in the sun.

It has the great advantage that it is not difficult to maintain and it is always advisable to apply in hair that has a tendency to reddish hair which is a factor to take into account to achieve the tone of the photo you want.

Platinum blonde California wicks

If you want to soften your facial features and have a blond base color in your hair it is highly recommended to use the platinum gives an incredible light to your face but above all it highlights a lot of eye color that you have.

platinum blonde wicks

As I always say it is important to consult a professional colorist before applying a dye because you can ruin your hair and it is not like a makeup that if you get confused you can solve it at the moment.

When you add dye to your hair then removing it can be a very difficult process that you must let several days go by and it can leave your idea diluted in just one attempt.

Therefore, consult when you need to know the degree of luminosity that is advisable for your skin pigmentation, mainly because not all hair is equal to a dye with respect to the hue.

It has the characteristic of favoring all types of skin that is clear, however if your skin pigmentation is not so clear I recommend you go for a tone that is darker so that it looks really dazzling.

The youthful, glamorous and casual look that platinum gives you, I assure you is an excellent option if you want to have very clear wicks.

Surfers are a source of inspiration for this type of technique and can be applied from straight hair to a curly head since they can adapt regardless of how important it is to differentiate from the roots to the strand of friendship where it is implemented.

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Blonde California wicks in brown hair

Something that is advised to women who have blond hair is that they are applied with light brown hair dyes which will achieve greater naturalness in the final result combining with a hairstyle that takes that change that you want to make in your hair.

brown wicks

You always have to try to make the different shades of color ranges, which are usually between a lighter shade than the root of the scalp, look natural since if the change of tones is very abrupt you will notice the dyed hair and It really doesn't fit.

That is why women with brown hair have an advantage that can pass to lighter tips or darker roots so that the transformation and the aspect that is achieved is not so striking that it is always to be spectacular but at the same time without losing the elegance of bearing when wearing the hair.

The brunettes can also make a California wick but they have to always think that they should not be a very abrupt range on the base color of the hair that is why it is sought to be a hair of brown hue that is something more natural to look at and with lighting Honey color will be fabulous.

Always try to make the undulations in the hair well marked if necessary if you wear the chestnut as an option as it will highlight your features especially on the chin and your lips.

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Photos of blonde California wicks

Different shades that you can find inside the blond from candy to the shine of a diamond.

Californian wicks blonde tones

Observe in this photo the illuminated wicks that are well accentuated at the tips when they blur until the end of each wick.

light blond California wicks

A clear example of how the California ends are in a hair before and after.

photo blonde California tips

Blonde California wicks in black hair

If you wear black hair then you are in luck because applying light wicks in the Californian style is certainly wonderful as it is and is one of the recommendations that a female hairdresser will give you when you have dark skin or wear dark or black hair.

long hair blonde california wicks

The main reasons are that the blond locks give you lighting as I have been saying, but it also enhances you by giving you more freshness.

The tonalities caramel color are the best left in black hair because they perfectly simulate the mechitas that can be produced by being exposed to the sun.

On the red carpet many celebrities who have black hair choose to choose this type of look since the blond is closely related to Hollywood stars and elegance, the ostentation of gold but above all to look like a diva for the light that is achieved in the contour of the face.

Celebrities who were encouraged to change, these are some celebrities with blonde California wicks: Jennifer Lopez, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kate Moss, Jessica Biel, Rachel Bilson, Vanessa Hudgens, Camerón Díaz, Alexa Chug among others.

You always have to try to make it only between two or three lighter shades than the one who wears it, which will be very natural, obtaining a color so attractive that you will attract attention for how beautiful and beautiful you will look.

Something that you always have to be very careful is that if you use a caramel color tone and you have black hair depending on the pigmentation and the dye brand that you use, it can give you the final result when applying the gold color tone that is yellow type which is what You really want to get a coppery range that has a reddish hue, which generally every colorist is what escapes to get.

If you reach the hue where gold and yellowish hues predominate, then the best thing is always that in each wick you apply the tones are different, respecting the gradient that this trend entails.

Another option is that it can be applied so that only your dark natural color stands out and leave only a few selected wicks to provide lighting and light with dyes for brunettes.

Golden Blonde Californian Wicks

A haircut that accompanies this type of golden color may be the perfect combination you were looking for but above all you will look much younger.

Also try using loops or making waves in your long hair since men love it because it transmits a lot of magnetism.

You can do this with gel-type products or hair creams to make waves and wave your hair when it moves with the wind.

The golden wicks and the reflections that you can get to implement is something you should do with a lot of patience but that will give your look a lot of natural lighting as if you had been on the beaches of California surfing.

The only care you have to take is if you have dark hair or are naturally brown because when applying the dye it can be transformed instead of golden in a medium orange copper color and that really does not fit, so it is better to do a pigmentation study and color before applying or cutting a strand of hair and testing.

Types of Hair for Blonde California Wicks

This technique that simulates having the hair as if you lived in the summer all year round, can be used in different haircuts in both long hair that is ideal without a doubt, but also in short hairstyles, such as in medium hair.

What differs is from where the gradient is applied since having less length and length of hair should be made as natural as possible that the hue is degraded so that it looks as if it were a lighting made by the sun's rays.

That is why when you have a short mane, you should act in the same way and start with half of the mechita that is taken, but the change of scalp root tone to the tips must be slightly more subtle to clarify so Perfect to look at and keep looking elegant complementing the hairstyle and haircut.

Short hair blonde California wicks

Many women think that by using short hair you can not apply degraded wicks but that is a big mistake because it can be applied quietly because it is a technique that adapts to any type of hair that has a considerable length to differentiate the shades of the color you choose.

Of course, if you have shaved or too short hair it is impossible to differentiate and I really do not recommend it if it were that way.

blonde wicks blonde short hair

When I talk about short hair for the Californian style, I talk about hair that comes as a limit to the shoulders, where the middle hair then begins.

Always think that the space is smaller but does not mean that it can not be done on the contrary will give you a trendy look, which is trendy and you will be modern, updated and especially highlighting your root but also lighting your neck and highlighting as if you had the chin more erect.

Using short hair for girls who are short in stature is advice that any stylist will give you and is responsible for visual aesthetics.

The golden tones will give you elegance, volume in your hair but above all luminosity favoring as another complement to your makeup that you put on your face.

Half-length blonde California wicks

In case the haircut of medium hair what causes you is undoubtedly a freedom that all women often do not feel when you have loose and long hair.

half-length blonde California wicks

That is why once you try to take this measurement long, it is certainly the best when you want to see yourself younger than your current haircut as well as more unbridled, revolutionary and vivacious.

Believe it or not, a haircut conveys a lot and it is certainly a wonderful thing what these ideas bring when implementing the California wicks in blondes.

What you have to consider when having less wick length is that you have to paint the hair more naturally because of the less space you have to degrade the shades to the tips but in the end it is the same way and technique of putting on this type of dye.

How to make blonde California wicks at home?

I will explain every step of how I made the very light yellow wicks in my house with a bleach that is the best result for my hair.

I know that there are leading brands as a brand dye The real or others that take special line for California wicks but personally I did not get the same result as fading.

Undoubtedly, the first brands are always more reliable when it comes to getting the tone you want, you can surely pay a little more when buying it compared to other brands but you make sure that it does not fail when implementing, and when it comes to your image Better invest more money.

The problem with California wick dyes if you have brown hair is that in most cases it is a coppery orange and that really does not fit at all.

Something you have to consider to have very blond hair on the wicks, you always have to use bleaching and the big problem is that it dries a lot, which always keep in mind to take care of your hair with hair masks with this you ensure you have no problems in the future and that it looks silky, shiny and with a lot of movement.

  1. The first thing you have to do is leave your hair dirty so that when applying the bleach it has a better effect
  2. Then you have to divide the hair into three collected with this you will limit the areas that you have to bleach.
  3. The first layer can be divided into two wicks one left and one right to apply with a brush the bleach that has to go from the tips to the middle of the tuft.
  4. What if you should keep in mind that when applying more intense discoloration the tips and less intensity in the middle so that the range and hue is staggered naturally as if it were affected by the sun's rays of the beach as it is carried by surfers .
  5. As you come up with the brush you have to do it vertically which will appear when drying those mechitas that you like so much in your mane.
  6. Now you have to repeat the process with the intermediate layer, when you finish repeat the process and use the same technique with the top layer where you have to dedicate more detail because it is the most you will see in your change of look.

So that you have a measure never exceed the cheekbones up, with that guide you will have an application limit when applying discoloration, always remember to blur the color towards the tips or vice versa depending on where you want the intensity of the color.

Always keep in mind the amount of hair you have regarding the amount of bleach you are going to use, in my case as I have a lot of hair I had to use two bottles.

I hope you find it useful and that these American wicks can be used in your head to look more beautiful, radiant and share with your friends these beautiful ideas on Facebook and Instagram that can surely serve them.