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All preparations to receive the new year

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There are very few days left to welcome the new year and maybe it's time to start thinking about what we will wear and how we will get ready. That is precisely the topic we are dealing with today, December 29, in the program Via Lliure, from RAC1. We will give advice to take care of the skin of the face, body, hair and, naturally, also makeup and hairdressing. We will also explain to them what they should do to be the most handsome of the party. Do you want to know all those tips you too?

You can hear us (in Catalan) in the Podcast: Active Beauty in Via Lliure, of RAC1. 29.12.12

In this post we want to remind you of some Tips to be the most beautiful of the party! They are generic proposals that range from the moment of preparing everything to makeup, going through the bathroom, the preparation of the skin and, naturally, the hair. To remember all those tips you can enter the entrance by clicking on the golden link.

Makeup is one of the most important points in the arrangement for the end of the year party and we want to refer you to an entry that we published very recently. It is the one in which we invited you to Find your ideal makeup for this holiday season. In it we gave you all the clues to make a party makeup in trend with this season. If you want to remember what we explain in it, click also on the golden link or right here. If you have doubts about how to make up your eyes, face, lips, etc. We remind you that you can check our makeup collectible at: Makeup lessons in Active Beauty.

With regard to hair, this season the collected ones are extremely polished and simple. For example you can make a small bun on the back of the head in which the sides are very polished and all the hair very combed and shiny. You can wear it with a very thick bangs a finger above the eyebrows or with the front exposed. The most "casual" version of this collection is without combing, as if we had picked it up with the fingers and with a lock of hair coming out of the bun or neck. The lines also take center stage. For example a tail of tall or short hair. You can also make a sumo type bun, as if it were a loop with the rest of the hair falling. In Tips to be the most beautiful of the party! You will find some ideas to get more out of your hair.

They also have to be handsome

Men also have to welcome the new year with its best appearance. The skin must be clean of dead cells and well hydrated. Those who do not wear a beard must wait for the last moment to shave (It is not worth doing in the morning and "going over" to review at night before leaving). If instead you wear a beard, we offer you some tips to wear it impeccably:

  • the beard must be bushy and if there are areas without hair, the best thing is opt for mustache or knobs of different widths and lengths, which is where there is more hair density.
  • The casual look of some three-day beards should not be confused with a careless beard. It has to look fixed, for this you have to review it to that uncontrolled hairs are not seen.
  • you have to play with the shape and length of the beard to compensate for the shape of the face. If you have a round face, the beard should be longer in the center than on the cheeks, in order to visually lengthen the face.

The men they can also use flash products to look fresher and erase signs of fatigue and small facial wrinkles, since these products also have a lifting effect. They can also give a touch of color with makeup background Y comb eyebrows and eyelashes. Many men wear a transparent mask to leave them in place. Another important detail to keep in mind is hand care, with perfectly cut nails, fixed cuticles and a touch of polisher on the nails to highlight its natural shine.