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Advantages of custom hair prostheses

Advantages of custom hair prostheses

Tailored hair prostheses are an ideal solution for people with all types of alopecia and also for cancer patients who have lost their hair through medical treatment such as chemotherapy to cure cancer. This hair solution has a number of advantages over other types of hair prostheses or with respect to wigs. We tell you!

Advantages of custom hair prostheses

These are some of the most important advantages provided by custom hair prostheses:

– Invisible and undetectable: The hair prostheses we make in our workshop in Valencia are invisible and undetectable. How do we get it? To make them we take 36 measurements of your head and with them we make a unique mold to later make the piece. With custom prostheses We imitate the birth of your hair, the swirls, we implant the hair with different densities and shades of color so that your image does not change If you do not want it.

On the other hand, we must also bear in mind that we make the customized prostheses with 0.45mm European gauge hair and the natural hair wigs and the standard hair prostheses imported are made with thicker hair, 0.60 mm, so the end result is different.

We take into account all the details and decrease the density of hair in the area of ​​the pin so you can run your hair behind your ear. A super common gesture, especially among women, and that with a wig (as it has the round base) you can not do it without seeing the area of ​​the hairless pin.

– Maximum comfort: custom hair prostheses fit like a glove so You will not notice that you are wearing it! The prostheses adhere to the head with adhesives specially designed for this purpose and the You can wear up to 15 days for cases of alopecia and up to 1 week for cases of cancer patients. After this time you will only have to take it off to change the adhesives and to do the maintenance. After this, you can put it back on.

With these hair prostheses you can make a totally normal life and you won't have to give up anything. With her on, you can do everyday actions such as sleeping, playing sports, going to work and even taking a bath.

All these actions, however, you will not be able to do them with a wig since these are fastened with elastic bands that oppress the scalp and that do not allow it to be worn for many hours in a row. That is why if you choose a wig as a hair solution you should keep in mind that you must combine its use with that of handkerchiefs and oncological turbans.

– Longer duration and quality: the materials with which we perform custom hair prostheses are hypoallergenic, natural and of higher quality than standard prostheses and wigs. This makes on the one hand that they are more comfortable to wear while increasing the duration of the piece. Also with these materials it is possible that the scalp transpire much better than with the rest of the hair solutions.

The piece duration It is also determined by its use and by the realization or not of a correct maintenance and hydration. That is, of their care. It is also very important to do it with the right products since shampoos and masks of poor quality can damage the hair of the prosthesis. But Performing the proper maintenance, the duration of the prostheses that we perform in Beltrán Centers can be 3 years.

In Beltrán Centers we are the only manufacturer of customized hair prostheses in all of Spain, so if you opt for this hair solution, ask us for information without obligation! We are manufacturers since 1950, experience supports us!