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Active Beauty in the Raffel Pagès exhibition

Raffel Pagès with Elisabet i Àngels

Although we imagined that we were going to visit an extraordinary exhibition of hairdressing articles, we have to recognize that what we have contemplated today has exceeded our expectations. Art Coiffure, The Raffel Pagès Collection It is the history of hairdressing through the instruments used from the Neolithic to the present day. As Rosa Ramos, communication director of L'Oréal Productos Profesionales, explained to us, «Raffel Pagès is passionate about history, who understood that hairdressing is an art. His collection is unique in the world ». However, Pagès is an unconventional hairdresser, able to affirm such surprising things as: «I didn't like it and I don't like hairdressing as a hairdresser. Until the 18th century, hairdressers were artists, not today. Perhaps it is for this reason that I have dedicated myself to researching and creating a hairdressing museum that has more than 5,000 pieces and 2,000 books »

As an image is worth a thousand words, we offer you some images of the objects you can find in the exhibition that is open until November 14 at the Diocese Museum in Barcelona. We remind you that in our post "Art Coiffure, the Art of Hairdressing", the exhibition of Raffel Pagès published on September 7, you will find all the details.

Roman headband

  • Roman headband C. s. I a.C. Golden diadem ‘Sol Invictus’ that Roman emperors put on as a hierarchical badge. It precedes the laurel wreath.
  • Roman gold needle. C. s. II BC Roman women used it to collect their hair and perform different hairstyles. On some occasions, the Romans introduced poison into the top of the needle, detachable, to use as a defense weapon if necessary.
    Medical Comb

    Roman gold needle

  • Comb of the Medici. Italy, s. XV-XVI. In Carey.
  • ‘Le Nouveau Jeu du Costume et des Coiffures des Dames’

    ‘Le Nouveau Jeu du Costume et des Coiffures des Dames’. Paris, 1770-1779. Valuable engraving of the goose game, renamed "The new game of dresses and hairstyles for ladies." This fun game board was very fashionable among royalty ladies like Mª Antonieta. Each hairstyle-box housed a hairstyle created by Léonard, the most illustrious hairdresser of all time and that of the Queen herself, to which four years later, she tried, without succeeding, to save from the guillotine, taking her from the Temple prison. Engraving ‘Chez Crepy a Paris’, referenced in the book ‘L’art de la coiffure feminine’ in Paris (1931), written by Stéphane, hairdresser of S.M. Queen Elizabeth of Belgium and also by Geofferey de Bellaigue in ‘The Burlington Magazine’, in December 1981.

  • Napoleon Bonaparte's hair

    Napoleon Bonaparte's hair. Longwood House (Saint Helena Island, United Kingdom), July 4, 1817. Napoleon hair certified by Sotheby’s. He was extracted by Napoleon's first doctor in exile (1815-1818), the naval surgeon Edward Barry O'Meara. The dismissal of O’Meara was due to the loss of the Admiralty's trust in him for his “affinity with the Emperor”. Although the real reasons would be his Irish origin and, mainly, his accusation against the British governor of Saint Helena (Sir Hudson Lowe) of "having asked him to accelerate the death of Napoleon." In fact, other hairs of the French emperor extracted after his death (1821) and analyzed since 1960, have high traces of arsenic not only on the surface of the hair but also inside.

    "Gallia" hot permanent appliance

  • Hot Gallia permanent appliance. It is one of the first hot permanent appliances that appeared on the market. They began to be manufactured in 1905. It was a dangerous thing, since its temperature could not be controlled by its rudimentary mechanism.

    Helmet dryers

  • Helmet dryers of different brands and models of the early twentieth century. In the background on the right we can see hand dryers.
  • Dop Huile France, 1949-1952 With Dop shampoo, L’Oréal was the pioneer of the shampoo we know today, moving away from soaps at a time when society was not exactly very hygienic.

    Dop Huile

Since Active Beauty We congratulate Raffel Pagès for his exhibition (sponsored by L'Oréal Productos Profesionales) and because on the same day of the inauguration he celebrated his birthday …