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Active Beauty draws lots of Kiehl's and Philips shavers

Active Beauty raffles two Philips RQ1050 shavers

This year we want to start our monthly raffles backed by two brands that in 2010 offered us their products for (email protected) (email protected) Beauty Active and who have wanted to repeat experience, fantastic! Is about Philips, which offers two razors Arcitec, valued at € 200 each, and Kiehl ’s, It offers two lots of products, one for men and one for women, valued at € 300 each.

On this occasion, however, we will introduce a novelty to participate in the raffle of one of these products … Do you want to know how to opt for them?

As every month, all people who leave questions or comments in the posts we publish or ask us their questions of beauty and personal care in BeautyQuestions will be eligible for the raffle for one of the two male shavers Arcitec RQ1050 from Philips. Each of the shavers is valued at € 200.

Shaver Arcitec RQ1050 It is specially designed to get a very close shave on the face and neck, because their heads combine two movements: Flex & Pivot Action with Triple-Track shaving heads, with 50% more shaving surface. This shaver also allows a comfortable and close shave thanks to Super Lift and Cut technology, and shaves even the shortest beard by its Precision Cutting system. For the most creative, Articec also has a precision cutter for perfect pin and mustache profiling.

We want to know more about you

And this is the novelty: This month we want to know you better and know what gifts of beauty you had in the last Christmas holidays (Christmas and Kings). We also want to know better who you are and how you are, so if you want to participate in the product raffle Kiehl’s Send us a comment until January 31 in which:

Active Beauty raffles two custom lots of Kiehl’s products

  • explain us what beauty gifts (perfumes, makeup, cosmetics, gift vouchers at beauty centers, personal care appliances, etc.) they made you the parties. This information will be published. If you have not had any gift of beauty, nothing happens, you tell us that of this type of gifts you have not had any and next year you write the letter to the Kings and Santa Claus asking for something, because although magical, sometimes the Kings need clues!
  • answer us a brief questionnaire whose answers will not be published to maintain anonymity. The questions you must answer if you wish to participate in the raffle are:
    • sex
    • age
    • country Province
    • studies (primary, secondary, diploma, degree …)

Well, now that you know how to participate in the product raffle Kiehl’s, you just need to know what you can win: two lots of customized products (according to your skin type and your needs), one for women and one for men, valued at € 300. Each of the lots will contain:

  • a facial cleanser
  • a moisturizer or anti-aging cream
  • a bath gel
  • a shampoo
  • a body cream

The results of the two draws will be published on February 1. Good luck!