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Active Beauty draws 4 cases of Espacially Escada

Before explaining in detail what we will raffle this month we want to thank you. We want to tell you that Some of the happiest moments of 2011 are spent in front of our computer screen (Only some, because others are closely linked to our private and family life!) And they were because last year active beauty he managed to break with his own figures of audience. Each month we have achieved more (email protected) than the previous month.

Last month we had more than 25,000 visits

cast we have to thank you that you not only read us but also recommend us to your friends and family …

Us love to receive your comments and also know that you trust us to answer your beauty questions and personal care.

We want to thank, too, at magazines that they have recommended us: Know how to live, Mia Special Beauty Y Cuore. We are also terribly happy because thanks to active beauty We have returned, both of us, to our origins on the radio. For a year we have had a monthly section in the weekend program Via Lliure from RAC1 (station of the Godó Group absolute leader in Catalonia). Can you ask for anything else?

We also want to explain that we have made available a section of beautyShop.

From the lateral column of active beauty you can make your purchases in The English Court, Tommy Hilfiger, La redoutte, FNAC or coordinate your medical / aesthetic treatments in Hedornai. Buying from our website you collaborate with the financing of active beauty.

Especially Escada, a great gift to start the year

Espelcially Escada

On this occasion we want to start the year drawing four cases that contains a fragrance of authentic luxury, the eau de parfum Especially Escada (75ml.) And its Body Cream of 50ml. Each case is priced at € 80.

Perfume Especially Escada It was created on the basis of a delicate rose accord. The result is a refined and sophisticated perfume that expresses a soft femininity.

We explain some details about the fragrance …

  • Its output notes are marked by the intense and sparkling pear that is combined with the exotic and musky notes of the ambreta seeds. Together they form a burst of sparkling freshness and the idyllic introduction to the heart notes.
  • At the heart of the fragrance is the beautiful and special aroma of a fresh and moist rose, combined with aqueous notes, which captures the aroma of rose petals collected at dawn. In addition to the delicate notes of the rose, at the bottom of the fragrance the ylang-ylang gives off a soft and floral and intensely feminine note. The luxurious combination of rose and ylang-ylang radiates an aura of fresh and natural positivity, ingredients that give a touch of joy and happiness.
  • The light musk notes support the delicate floral aroma and give the fragrance a subtle touch of femininity.

You know, if you want to choose to get one of the four chests that we give you just have to leave a comment or question in any of the entries in active beauty or a question in the sections beautyQuestions or beautyPreguntas to the dermatologist.

The draw will be made on January 31 and the result will be made public on February 1

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