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A few days left for the raffle of 12 Nivea sun protection packs

Nivea Gift Lot for Active Beauty

It seems a lie, but the month of June is about to end and with it the possibilities of participating in the raffle of 12 packs with four sunscreens Nivea valued, each, at € 50 What are you waiting for? Participate in our Beauty Sweepstakes!

To do this you just have to leave a comment or beauty query on our BeautyQuestions page. We explain all the details about each of the products included in the pack:

  • Portect & Bronze: is the latest innovation of Nivea Sun. It provides a faster, more intense and lasting tan, while protecting the skin effectively as it stimulates melanin, the substance that allows us to get brown. Its ultralight and non-greasy formula contains a highly effective UVA / UVB filter system that protects the skin immediately after application. The price of FP 20 is € 11.30 and FP 30 is € 12.20.
  • Anti-Aging Sun Cream. Optimally protects the health of your skin thanks to its formula with Alpha Flavon provides effective facial protection against sunburn, premature skin aging and minimizes the risk of sun allergies. It actively prevents the formation of expression lines and wrinkles induced by the sun. Its non-greasy and water-resistant texture leaves the skin soft and smooth. The price of FP 20 is € 8.75 and FP 30 is € 9.80.
  • Solar Invisible Protection Spray. Its non-greasy and transparent texture offers you immediate and effective protection easily applicable on the skin's surface. The price of FP 10 is € 11.25, FP 20 costs € 12.25 and FP 30 is worth € 13.25].
  • Solar Milk Swim & Play. It is specially formulated for ‘aquatic adventurers’, as it contains extra waterproof sunscreens. It provides immediate and effective protection for the child's delicate skin on face and body. The price of the FP 50+ is € 13.30.

Leave us your comments or doubts about beauty in BeautyQuestions or a comment in one of the posts and participate in this fantastic raffle. We wish you good luck !!