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9 Pictures of Celebrities Without Makeup You Would Never Recognize

For many years, celebrities and celebrities have walked the red carpets with their dresses of hundreds of thousands of dollars and makeup designed and produced by the most professional and popular stylists. In short, they ended up becoming real protagonists for the inspiration of makeup artists, both professionals and amateurs, and many also started their own beauty lines (launching cosmetic products or perfumes), or even collaborated with big names in the sector as for example it could be the case of Revlon or Maybelline. Recently, however, many of the famous people that most people love and love today have started to get rid of their foundation and makeup powder, and thus enjoy a much fresher and cleaner face. It may also simply be that a photographer has 'caught' a celebrity without makeup. Whether this is the case or not, we discover some of the pictures of famous without makeup, as our title says, you would never recognize.


Adele without makeup

Adele she rose to fame some years ago, when her powerful voice made her enormously popular. Although she's a bit out of the way now, the Grammy-winning singer is generally known for sporting some of the best eyeliners.

However, she recently visited Instagram to show her face without makeup.

Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys without makeup

It is not that this note is exclusively for singers without makeup, but the truth is that it was Alicia Keys who for the first time made a statement and even started a movement when she last put on makeup in May 2016.

Back then, she started appearing on the show "The Voice" without makeup. And then many celebrities followed her on the campaign without makeup.


Ciara without makeup

This popular singer, actress, dancer and model of American origin, who lived in Spain from her childhood although she was originally born in Austin, Texas (United States), decided to abandon her usual makeup routine just when he arrived on the red carpet of the Makers Conference, in the year 2017, at the beginning of February.

At that time, the singer, happily pregnant, also decided to come with wet hair.

Cindy Crawford

Cindy Crawford without makeup

Cindy Crawford It became enormously popular in the late 1980s and mid-1990s, even becoming a true supermodel. Obviously, for his work, in most cases he always appears with makeup, especially in most events.

However, in October 2015, he published a natural photograph, without makeup, on his Instagram profile.

Demi lovato

Demi Lovato without makeup

Demi lovato She has gone on to become the true spokesperson for the “Love yourself” movement, so it is not surprising that she has appeared many times without makeup, especially to pose in various photographs.

After her own personal battles to gain self-confidence (or, what is the same, self-confidence), she set out to inspire millions of people to love themselves as they are.

drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore without makeup

drew Barrymore She is a tremendously popular actress, known for her work on "ET the Alien," "Forever and Ever," "Charlie's Angels," "The Boys in My Life," or "Batman Forever." However, that does not mean that you have not been able to start your own beauty line.

In addition, at some other time he has appeared without makeup, posting a photograph on his social networks.

Gigi hadid

Gigi Hadid without makeup

The popular model has also posted the odd snapshot on her social media without makeup. Even just up after a night resting. Many would argue that Hadid could fall in love with any gaze, and the truth is that he could do it with and without makeup. In short, it is beauty by nature.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow without makeup

The actress Gwyneth Paltrow some years ago, in addition, she became a controversial lifestyle blogger. And, precisely, she celebrated her 44th birthday “embracing” her past and her future without makeup.

And to celebrate, he took a selfie and claimed he was perfectly fine without makeup.

Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes without makeup

Although it is true that we hardly see her in movies in recent years, and she was also apart for years, Katie Holmes she has also participated, like many other actresses, in the popular campaign without makeup.

So, he decided some time ago to show his natural look on Instagram.