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8 tricks to get a flat and perfect abdomen

8 trucos para eliminar la grasa del abdomen

Women usually have an eternal battle with certain parts of our body, especially with the abdomen, sometimes we get to curse and get angry with him for maintaining an eternal friendship with the annoying little wheels. But the truth is that we don't do much to eliminate them from our lives.

That is why it is time for you to activate your body, improve your eating habits and achieve that goal that will let you look bikinis Y crop tops during this summer

1. Relax!

resting girl

Stress activates the accumulation of cortisol, the hormone that generates appetite and stimulates your body to accumulate fat in the abdomen. Go for a walk, take outdoor walks or even dance to eliminate stress.

two. Bye, bye fat

fast food

Forget about french fries, dyes and refined sugar. All of the food Scrap It goes straight to your stomach in the form of fat.

3. Say yes to the exercise


Exercise is inevitable if you want to stay healthy and fit; In addition, it is the best ally to lose fat.

4. No night binge

girl urging the fridge at night

Light and fat free dinner, so you will sleep better and avoid accumulating fat. Your best options are roast chicken and fish; Try to do it 3 to 4 hours before bed to have a better digestion.

5. Turn sodium over

table salt

Avoid consuming too much sodium at all costs, as you only contribute to fluid retention and body swelling.

6. Lots of water

Glasses of water

First we tear down a myth: drinking a lot of water does not swell people. What it does is eliminate excess sodium and fat.

7. Eat carbohydrates


To get the perfect abdomen you don't have to eliminate carbohydrates from your life, just verify that you consume the right ones, such as fruits, vegetables, oatmeal, etc.

8. Time to eat fiber

cereal with fiber

Your diet requires a serving of 25 grams of fiber a day to cleanse your body and eliminate fat. You can find it in fruits, vegetables, cereals and legumes.