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8 tips that will help you fight stretch marks on your skin


Stretch marks are marks that occur on our skin, whether due to hormonal problems, sudden weight gain or pregnancy; They are annoying and somewhat unsightly.

For the care, prevention and blurring of stretch marks, countless treatments and cosmetic surgeries have been created, but there are few remedies that we could say that really make a difference with continuous use. So we have investigated the best 8 tips to blur stretch marks on your body.

1. Use almond cream every day

handful of almonds

Almond cream has too many healing and skin tone lightening benefits. It also helps elasticity in your skin and prevents the appearance of new lines in your skin.

2. Retinol creams for red stretch marks

woman in underwear puts cream on stretch marks

Retinol helps blur red and white stretch marks with incredible results. The constant use influences enough for a positive change, so it is essential that if you start using it, you have the discipline to apply it twice a day only in the affected areas; The results are slow but safe.

3. Vitamin E capsules

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<p>Vitamin capsules are super recommended, so we suggest two capsules a day: one to take and another to break it and apply the liquid directly to the stretch marks. You will achieve results from the first month if you maintain the record of not leaving this habit.</p>
<h2>4. Homemade coffee and salt scrub</h2>
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For this scrub you will need: 1 and a half cups of ground sea salt, 1 cup of ground coffee beans, 1 tablespoon of coconut oil, and 5 to 15 drops of essences oils to balance the smell of coffee. Once the mixture is finished, apply it to the affected area with gentle massages (recommended about 40 minutes before entering the shower).

5. Microdermabrasion procedure

woman on her back in underwear with machine on thighs

Microdermabrasion is a procedure that consists of an even deeper exfoliation on the skin, removing dead cells and promoting circulation and regeneration in the area, with excellent results in the stretch marks area.

6. Procedure Peeling

woman applying cream on her legs

The peeling It is a sister procedure to microdermabrasion and with the same results, with the difference of being based on products such as glycolic acid and retinoic acid. The changes are gradual and up to 5 sessions are required, but it is quite effective. Do not forget to go with certified professionals for skin care.

7. Laser procedure

legs lying with laser machine

With this procedure the light of the laser lamp erases thin layers of skin that surround the stretch marks. This high-energy ultraviolet light breaks molecular bonds of the skin tissue, which causes the tissue to disintegrate through a process known as ablation. Healing is rapid, as the skin forms new healthy layers.

8. Avocado and aloe vera cream

belly collage with stretch marks avocado and aloe vera

The properties of avocado, added to the qualities of Aloe vera, are an infallible combo for tissue regeneration. You will love this simple recipe that consists of mixing half an avocado, an Aloe vera leaf (we recommend that you always cut the leaves closest to the root, as they are older and contain more properties), also add half a tablespoon of oil of olive to bind the ingredients and your cream will be ready to use.