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7 very cute designs! 【2019】 Hairdressing Blog

7 very cute designs! 【2019】 Hairdressing Blog

Many of us like to have the short hair, why we find it more practical, more comfortable and more than anything in hot times where hair starts to bother us and we don't know what to do so that this doesn't happen.

For all those women who have short hair or are hesitating to cut it because they fear they can't do hairstyles, today we bring you a great option that you can not miss.

Extensions They are used for two reasons:

1) to pretend longer hair

2) to pretend more hair

If you have short hair and this it takes a long time to grow or just sometimes you want to have different hairstyles And with your short hair you can't do, extensions are a great option.

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You can apply permanent extensions, or if you only want to occasionally have your long hair, then we recommend you choose extension curtains. The latter are added and removed whenever you want.

Not always "extensions" means "longer hair." It is also ideal to have more volume in your hair.

If you have a problem with the amount of hair, extensions are a great solution for this problem. Many women choose to apply some extensions of their own hair length to simply have more hair.

As you will see in the 8 images, today there are a variety of extensions for short hair. From those that will simply make your hair look longer; those that will make your hair look much more hairy; extensions with ready-made hairstyles, you just have to apply it and that's it!

Also exist extensions for women with curls, waves or straight hair, and obviously of any color.

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The extensions for short hair, They are products that you can get in your city, in atelieres or also in hairdressers They are sold. If you can't get there, there are several websites They distribute them.

If you are going to choose to buy extensions for short hair, We recommend that you buy those that are natural hair and not synthetic hair. The first They assimilate to our hair and you can iron it, curl it and even apply dye. Instead, in the synthetic hair extensions They tend to look less natural, do not compact too much with our hair, and are more susceptible to burning if you iron or dye it.