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7 nail designs for feet to be more beautiful

diciembre 13, 2019
7 nail designs for feet to be more beautiful

For girls who like to have well-groomed feet and decorated with nail polishes, I want to leave some of the best models I found.

Because summer is coming and we all want to look splendid and more than anything we seek to innovate and think of designs that surprise because it is always good to change a bit, women usually like to play with our look, either because of the change of clothes, paint our eyelashes, change our color or haircut, play decorate our nail Both hands and feet so I want to leave some of the best images for you to see what are the trends of what is being used in recent times is usually more for teenagers but many more adult women are They are risking being more daring and able to look with more colors or with the mixture of colors more accessories on the nails.

All the designs that I leave you can use them to get ideas of what you can do or it is simply for you to imitate what you see in the images, which is what we need apart from patience and desire some enamels of various colors if They believe that they are going to do something more colorful, some wall lights that most of them can be glitter or else self-adhesive figures of flowers, hearts, cartoons and several more motifs but those that name them are the most chosen by the girls.

1) Design with appliques on the toenails where we observe black and white stones

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<p>With a white enamel base we can see how it can be done through dots as if it were a simulation of dice or forming letters as initials to decorate our nails the best of these types of designs that we can use our imagination, but what we have to have Take care of the glue we use for these stones to put as decoration on the nails since having them on the feet can be easily removed.</p>
<h3>2) Highlight only one toenail with a contrast of nail color</h3>
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