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7 fun ideas to line your eyes when you're bored

7 fun ideas to line your eyes when you're bored


The outlined with apps They are the maximum, since you only need to get stickers thumbnail and stick them in the shape of your favorite outline. There are of pearls, stars, tiny stones and even complete metal sheets. Bet on them and bring ALL the attention to the look!


This is definitely one of the ideas that yes or yes you should do when you are bored, since it is sooo detailed and hyper-cool for photos. How to start? Paint tiny white dots that follow the path of an outline and leave space between them – these will be the center of your flower. After, paint ovals around each circle to simulate the petals and continue like this until the line ends. If you want to make a thicker liner, repeat the process with a strip of flowers on top.


It's just a cat eye sky blue (very thick) to which small must be attached pieces of cotton to represent the clouds. Do you like it or is it too much? If you recreate it, the photo on Instagram is a must!


It is a variant of the classic outline, but it results in the silhouette of a colorful bird. To achieve this, it is foolproof to start with a cat eye traditional, blue and elongated, and draw two “tails” with a triangular tip: one yellow that goes over the cat line and another red that points down. The cleaner the edge, the better!

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