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60s Hairstyles PHOTOS with ORIGINAL ideas! Updated 2017

peinado rubio años 60 suelto

The 60s hairstyles They reflected the joy and festivity of the time, the hair became an extension of the dress to create a completely original style. So styles that had gone out of fashion decades were used again, this shows that everything is a cycle and the past is imposed over time.

Join us to explore the panorama of cuts and hairstyles that these uncontrolled years offered us.

60s hairstyles for women

The 60s hairstyles for women they meant the return to the feminine styles that had prevailed in previous decades. The manly style was left aside and the long hair regained its former role.

Maxi volume

To achieve this 60's hairstyle the ideal was the carding, which consisted of combing the hair so that it gained volume and height. It is very simple to do it today, you just need to grab hair from the front of the head and with the help of a comb comb it towards the root to get more volume, it is something like combing your hair upside down.

60s hairstyles for women60's blond hairstyle loose

Choucroute bun

East 60's hairstyle It started from the same card that we showed you before. The difference is that part of the hair was collected in a half tail and the rest was left loose with a semi-messy finish. The best representative of this style was Brigitte Bardot. You can update this look adding a modern accessory or even a small braid.

60s black and white women hairstyles

hairstyles 60s women volume Adelle

bun hairstyles 60s

60s hairstyles for men

The 60s hairstyles for men they reflected a transaction time between the conservative of the 50s and how relaxed and unbridled the 70s would be. You could say that these styles were a mix between the fashions of the past and inspired the coming hairstyles. Here we bring you two proposals that were very much in vogue at that time.


60s Beatles men's hairstyles60s hairstyles for brown men60s hairstyle short mot top

Rockabilly style

It was a very popular style among the rock stars of those years. East 6th years hairstyle it consisted of a rather high tupe that was fixed with wax or lacquer. To wear this style you must have the hair, from the top of the head, a little long and the shaved sides, we recommend the use of gum or wax to keep the hairstyle for longer.

60s rock men hairstyles

60s men's hairstyles with stripe 60s rockabilly hairstyle

60s hairstyles for short hair

Maybe the short was not what prevailed at this time, but as in all times there was always one or another who wanted to go against the flow. Here we bring you two 60s hairstyles for short hair, one feminine and one masculine, that can serve as an inspiration.

A short bangs

At the time it was very common for women to decorate their forehead with a small straight bangs. It is currently a 60's hairstyle that is being imposed little by little, since it is the latest trends we have seen it acquire more and more prominence.

60s hairstyles short hair with bow 60s hairstyles for short hair 60s black hairstyle

Flat top

This male hairstyle is reminiscent of the typical military cut, because it is about cutting the hair flat on the top, leaving the sides and the back of the head very well shaved. However, there are variants with which you can play, leaving with different lengths each part of the head. Is a 60's hairstyle That is quite practical and very easy to do.

60's flat square top hairstyle 60s flattop boy hairstyles 60s hairstyles short hair man 60s short adult flattop hairstyles

60s hairstyles for long hair

This was definitely the time of the mane, so it was common for women to wear their hair quite long. Here we bring you two proposals of 60s hairstyles for long hair that will help you achieve a very style retro and groovie. Remember that this was the era of hippies and the bohemian and relaxed was on the wave.

With the line in the middle

This is a 60's hairstyle Quite simply, the bad thing is that only straight-haired girls, or those who were willing to straighten it, could use it. It consisted of dividing the hair with a stripe in the middle to distribute the hair on both sides, it was essential to leave it very smooth and combed. If you are interested in returning a few times with your look, this is a hairstyle that you can easily do.

60s long hair hippie hairstyles 60s hairstyles for long straight hair

High collected with volume

Take advantage of the amount of hair you have to make yourself a 60's hairstyle With enough volume, it is only a matter of giving your hair body with the help of a comb and then picking it up in a bun with enough height. It is a style with a lot of personality and impact.

60s hairstyles women long hair hairstyles long hair 60s blonde women

Hairstyle 60s step by step

Finally we bring you a proposal of 60's hairstyle step by step, so that you are encouraged to try it. It's perfect if you are a fun and relaxed girl. In addition, this hairstyle will give you a rather bohemian and unwrapped air, you can use it when the plan is a casual and quiet departure. I promise you will look beautiful and it is also very easy to do, just follow the steps:

  1. Start by making a small braid on the side of your head, leaving a strand more or less wide at the front, it is essential that you let loose the most hair.
  2. Repeat the previous step on the other side of the head. Then go pulling out, just a little, the strands of the braids so that they are a little loose.
  3. Pass back the strands you left at the front of the head and join them in a semitrenza at the back.
  4. Finish by spraying some lacquer so that the hairstyle lasts much longer.
  5. Ready! A very hairstyle hippie in a few steps.

60s women hairstyles step by step how to do 60's hairstyle

60s hairstyles step by step with braid

Following these Hairstyling ideas from the 60s step by step Surely you will get the style you are looking for. They were incredible years that we can remember today with these photos and with the hairstyles. If you go to a party in the 60s and you need a hairstyle, you will be right with any of these, although we also recommend the hairstyles of the 20s. Share with your friends and family these 60s hairstyles to remember good times!

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60s hairstyles

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