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6 hygiene measures you should take if you go to the gym

6 hygiene measures you should take if you go to the gym

Your personal items always clean

So is, everything you take to the gym must be previously washed, like the suitcase, the towels and the clothes. In the case of personal items, it is important that you disinfect their surface over and over again. Mind you, you can't take the same suitcase to the gym for several days (or tennis shoes) without having washed them. You don't want bacteria to accumulate and spread around the house!

The bathroom is not optional

For those who are used to not bathing once in a while after leaving the gym, We have bad news, they should do it as a Hygiene measure to avoid contagion! Similarly, men have to be careful with cleaning, as there are several types of beards that put them at risk against Coronavirus.

Attention with food

Another rule to prevent the entry of any virus into your body – mainly if you go to the gym because you are more exposed-, is to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day, rest well, eat healthy and include in the diet foods that make your immune system stronger, like citrus fruits and vegetables loaded with vitamins. Drink them in your pre-workout juices and keep your body strong!

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