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6 haircuts for 1 and 2 year old GIRLS 【2019】 Hairdressing Blog

6 haircuts for 1 and 2 year old GIRLS 【2019】 Hairdressing Blog

If you are looking for ideas on how to cut the hair to you girl, don't despair! In this article, we will give you different ideas according to hair from your girl.Always remember that the hair from your baby still very fine, as also his scalp it is delicate, therefore we recommend that you use some type of special shampoo for babies.Having fine hair and in a small amount, it is always best to keep short hair, this since it allows your baby can play without your hair bother you in the face, and it is also practical for you, since you can add some kind of accessory to get the hair of the face, and always looking flirtatious

Here we bring you the 6 haircuts for girls from 1 and 2 years:


If you girl have curlers and you are one of those moms who likes her child to have her medium mane or long, then do not forget to consider this option.

cut girl 1

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Ideally, you cut your hair a little above the shoulders, so they can show off their curlers You can also do the fringe for him side stand and apply a clip or headband when you want to give it a look differently or simply when you don't want it to prevent you from playing freely.


cut girl

How do you know all babies so much girls how children, When they are small and for a comfort issue for this, a cut is always made as a child. But this does not mean that you girl stop being coquette.If you are a classic mom and want a practical cut for comb it Y comfortable for you baby, then do not hesitate to cut the short hair and you can add any type of accessory, be clips, headbands, etc.


cut girl
If you like the classic cut, practical for you and comfortable for you baby, this cut never happens fashion.We recommend a short cut with bangs on the side a little more long that his hair. This will make her look more flirtatious.


If your little one has the straight hair, then we recommend this classic cut Y practical to do any type of hairstyle

cut girl East cut it is straight and the long you choose it, but as you know, we recommend that it is not longer than the height of the shoulders, because as we said it is more comfortable for them, as for you when you have to comb it or wash it.


It doesn't matter if you girl have curlers or straight hair, if you are a daring mom then you can't stop considering this cut.

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If the cut, you dare to make a straight bangs then do it!!! It will look super coquette, but always remember that this is above your eyebrows so that the hairs in their eyes, and also so you can change the look whenever you want, either by putting a clip and making a bangs to the side.


cut girl
If you girl have abundant curlers and with a lot shape and you are thinking of cutting your hair differently, then we recommend that it be a midi cut over your shoulders and have a XXS bangs, like in the image. This bangs are fashionable and will never bother you in your eyes.