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55 thoughts a girl has when she cuts her hair

55 RIDÍCULOS pensamientos que una chica tiene cuando se va a CORTAR el cabello

If you like me suffer every time you have an appointment at the hairdresser and arrive almost in a state of emotional crisis, then you are reading the right article.

Every woman knows how really difficult it is to find a stylist that she likes and that is also her confidence, so when we have to change, for whatever reason, our appointment is pure and absolute terror. If you have had a traumatic experience with your hair, there really is no going back, that is, until you relax again in the hands of your trusted stylist.

Let's talk about the thoughts that go through your mind when the person who cuts your hair doesn't really care what the result is. Cut the four centimeters of hair that probably took two years to grow, and we know that it hurts. Do you want to know 55 thoughts that can go through your head while the scissors are doing – or about to do – your own?

1. I haven't used my hair straightener in three days

Girl in front of a mirror cutting her hair

2. So, basically, my hair is really healthy.

3. Hell! Who am I kidding?

4. I am about to shout that I committed a capital sin!

5. Who told you that I wanted an afro-rock style for the rest of my life?

Girl showing her curls

6. I don't know if I'm more nervous about scolding my battered hair, or about the cut itself.

7. If I told you that I wanted to cut only the tips, why are you still?

8. What the hell did they do to me in 2001 that I haven't been able to recover it?

9. Holy God, that was 14 years ago!

10. And my hair is still short since then!

Gif rapuncel with short hair

11. Accept it, just breathe, it's not that bad.

12. I should probably wear my hair extension clip right now.

13. The 15 minutes of “stop applying so much heat to your hair” is not that they are bad, if she says so… Ok: You are going to remove only the tips!

14. It's almost time for the truth.

15. Wow, my hair looks so long and cute when it's wet and loose!

Girl in the hairdressing salon with wet hair

16.… This will last five more minutes before you start cutting it.

17. Why did it occur to me to straighten my hair to go to work?

18.… Maybe my hair grows if I cling to this stupid cut.

19. Now I will have to ‘tame it’ to go to the office. What did I win?

20. These people do not realize the problem. This is all my fault!

Girl sitting while her hair is being cut

21. Did I just hear that they will start cutting it?

22. All I can see is my hair falling to the ground!

23. Ugh, and I thought I would use my hair extensions …

24. Should I tell you to cut it more, at once?

25. Ha ha! Yes, sure.

26. Why is it still cutting?

Man cutting a girl's hair with a sword

27. I haven't even reached the sides of my head and I see the catastrophe!

28. This is not right.

29. I could literally make new extensions with the hair that is on the floor.

30. Why don't I hear that my hair is drying?

Girl with the stylist sitting while her hair dries

31. Oh, well, now it's framing my face.

32. I am not quite sure what he is framing, considering that he almost left me bald.

33. OOH. GOD. OWN.

34. What happens if people confuse these side pieces with the bangs?

35. I can't wait until she cuts the front to get a couple of tears without her noticing

GIF Anne Hataway Miserable Scene When Her Hair Is Cut


37. Well, this will be my comfort shield for the next minute:

38. No matter what I do, I will go home, wash my hair and cry while I imagine the style I wanted.

39. I don't care if they say he is the best hairdresser in the world, my hair will never look like I wanted!

40. Why don't you even bother asking if you like it before they reach the ‘touch up’?

GIF princess diary scene when they change my look to me

41. Is it very far-fetched just to want it to be a bit dry when dried?

42. Why do you ask me if I want curls, waves or ironed hair?

43. I literally want anything faster so I can go home to cry and self-pity.

44. This is the worst day of my life!

45. No wonder I cut my hair once a year

GIF girl of new girl accommodate the fringe

46. ​​I keep all my thoughts on what they recommended: "Your hair will grow if you cut it further."

47. I'm sure it makes sense to treat my hair, but to me, that sounds like a death sentence.

48. I would rather have painted the root of this …

49.… Sounds like nonsense.

50. Who cares? It's my hair with a cut ‘modern and easy to maintain’

GIF Whatson Emma with short hair

51. It's time to make empty promises about getting rid of my hair straightener.

52. Maybe next time things are different.

53. And maybe this time I will learn my lesson.

54. Who the hell am I kidding?

55. Could someone get me a hat soon?

GIF Emma Roberts in the megapetarda movie when they change her look