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50s Hairstyles PHOTOS with ORIGINAL ideas! Updated 2017

peinado ondulado años 50

Hollywood celebrities of the 50s imposed a strong trend in their time for their hair styles. And as fashion is a cycle in which the past is back in fashion, today the 50s hairstyles they are becoming more popular every day because vintage It's the last shout of what fashion.

50s hairstyles for women

In those years the actresses of the big screen had different ways to fix their hair, for this reason it was that there were different styles from which they could choose when choosing a look. Here we bring you the 50s hairstyles for women which are more representative for the time:

Sculpted Curls

This style was characterized, as the name implies, by the imposition of large and armed loops around the entire scalp; the most worthy representative of this 50s hairstyle It was Marilyn Monroe. You can see that they cover a little of the hair, but in the 50s the bangs were not common, if you are interested you can see the photos of hairstyles with bangs so you can see more about them.

50s hairstyles with curls

50s wavy hairstyle

Italian bun

Definitely a 50's bun hairstyle that overflows elegance despite being very simple, like Grace Kelly herself, who looked so good. It is a total collection of the hair that is held on the back of the head making a turn to give it volume, characteristic that was its greatest attraction.

50s bun hairstyles

50s collected hairstyle

collected back hairstyle 50s

50s hairstyles for men

In those years men also got the way to make their hair styles a fashionable cult. As with women, today they are also in vogue. 50s hairstyles for men, here we bring you the most iconic styles of the time:

A rock toupee

This style was popularized by ‘the king of rock’, Elvis Presley. To use this 50s hairstyle the hair should have a certain length at the top and the neck was short; It consisted of picking up and rolling up. If you want to do this hairstyle you will need to use gel or wax to achieve the perfect finish.

50s hairstyles for men50's rock hairstyle

With the stripe aside

This 50s hairstyle is very simple to do, since it only consists of locating the hair parting line towards one of the two sides, left or right. This allowed the men of the time to distribute their hair to the side of their preference. A tip if you want to try it, use wax or gel to control the hair, if it gets rebellious.

50s men's hairstyles50s hairstyle man with stripe 50s man hairstyle aside

50s hairstyles for short hair

The 50s hairstyles for short hair are very popular today, perhaps due to the fact that, in this busy life, both men and women are inclined towards practicality. Here we bring you two styles, one feminine and one masculine, that will help you achieve that retro look how much are you looking for

For the girls, a cut to the garçon

He 50s hairstyle imposed by the beautiful Janet Leigh, for the Hitchcock psychosis movie, is an excellent choice for safe and daring girls. It has a masculine style, due to the short hair, which exposes the neck. The interesting thing about this hairstyle is that it does not allow the woman to lose her femininity despite the little hair she leaves.

50s hairstyles short hair

hairstyle short hair women 50s

short 50s brown hair hairstyle

For the boys, a wet style

In the fifties the gummed hairstyle that made the hair look as if it was still wet was very popular, thanks to a product they used on the hair and that left them an extremely smooth and shiny effect. To do this 50s hairstyle you must use a significant amount of wax or what is now known as gomina, remember to comb your hair very neatly with the help of a fine tooth comb.

50s short hair hairstyle

50s man short hair hairstyle

50s hairstyles for long hair

At that time it was not stipulated that gentlemen used on too long hair, so we bring the girls two 50s hairstyles for long hair.

PinUp style

Is a 50s hairstyle which is very fashionable today, because of the retro wave we have already talked about. It consists of making one or two tufts with the front of your hair and ending with some waves in the back; and if you prefer a more collected style we recommend you tie all your hair in a ponytail or in a circular bun.

50s hairstyles long hair

50s pin up hairstyle

50s pin up hairstyle with flower girl

Wave cascade

This style is extremely elegant and looks perfect in medium or long hair. It's a 50s hairstyle that you can do to go to a night party. The idea is to make many waves in your hair and then accommodate them so that it is glued to the other and with a continuous and perfect wavy effect, so that the hairstyle lasts much longer, we recommend using a lot of hairspray.

50s hairstyles for long hair

50s hairstyle step by step

To conclude we bring you a 50s hairstyle step by step, so that you are encouraged to go back in time at least with the style of your hair. The style we bring you today is quite casual, you can use it when you go out with friends or on a date that is not formal. The important thing is that you have fun and risk experiencing different things.

  1. Start by separating a section of the front of your hair and tying the rest in a ‘ponytail’.
  2. The segment that you have left in the front divide it into three smaller pieces.
  3. Comb each of the pieces so they get more volume.
  4. Roll each of the hair pieces on themselves and fix them with a crochet hook.
  5. Pass most of the hair, which is in the back, through the tail so that it is a kind of bubble.
  6. Set pieces of the ‘bubble’ around the tail, so that you hide it and have something like a flower.
  7. Finally tie a bandana to your head, pass it from behind.
  8. Knot it in the front with a bow. To give it a more fun touch, turn the loop to the side of your head.
  9. Voila! A retro hairstyle in less than 10 steps.

50s hairstyles step by step

Surely you can implement these 50s hairstyling ideas step by step They can serve you for any party of the time or your day to day. Many people feel identified with the movement of the 50s and today they keep it alive. And you, do you share these hairstyles with your friends?

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50s hairstyles

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