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5 reasons why you get gray hair young

5 reasons why you get gray hair young

The appearance of gray hair is due to a lack of melanin production, which is a substance that adds color to hair, skin and eyes of an individual. The normal age at which the body reduces the formation of this pigment and the hair begins to gray, is between 35 or 40 years, but it can also occur in younger age for several reasons.

Pay attention to solve those that imply your health and, otherwise, enjoy and discover how to look spectacular with gray hair!

Low levels of vitamin B12 and minerals

Hair is a mirror of how our health is inside and premature graying they are an example. Experts indicate that its appearance is a sign that there is a deficiency in vitamin B12, vitamin D3, folic acid, iron and zinc. To stabilize these nutrient levels, lean meats, green leaves, avocados, nuts, fresh fruits, whole grains, seeds, and dark chocolate need to be included in the diet.


Hair loss due to stress is very common as well as the birth of gray hair at an early age. For what is this? Scientists from Harvard University indicate that, when subjected to stressful situations, the number of melanocyte stem cells decreases rapidly, causing the white tone in the hair fibers. And well, although there is still no 100% sure therapy to solve it, it is important that you learn to work the periods of tension and anxiety so that they do not dominate you. Relax and organize your times!