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5 options for you! 【2019】 Hairdressing Blog


If you want a unstructured bangs and careless, then choose the open bangs! This type of bangs gives a youthful look Y soften traits of your face.

The first and great exponent of this bangs was the French actress, Brigitte Bardot, in the 60s'. This bangs icon, had one more long than normal and not very thick, so he often combed it straight or clearing his face.

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<p>It is a bangs that favors any type of<strong> face</strong>, so, if you have decided to do a <strong>open bangs,</strong> you should keep in mind that this is a type of <strong>straight bangs</strong>, with a length below the eyebrows. He usually combs his hair in the middle, giving him a <strong>"curtain" effect.</strong></p>
<p>We recommend this bangs for those women who do not dare to have a <strong>classic straight bangs</strong>, since being a long and unstructured is very <strong>versatile</strong> and can be combed in any way.</p>
<p>If you don't know what haircut to do, we recommend you read 10 haircuts for 2016</p>
<p>Being a bangs that can be combed in different ways, here are 5 options for you:</p>

<h2>FREE HAIR</h2>
<p>It doesn't matter if you have your <strong>short or long mane</strong>, the <strong>free hair</strong> with or without <strong>volume</strong>, with the bangs open, it's a <strong>look</strong> super <strong>natural</strong> and that you can even use it daily without having to spend a lot of time combing it.</p>
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<p>If you're bored of seeing you always the same, of always having the same <strong>hairstyle</strong>, a great and super easy idea is that you take part of your <strong>hair </strong>and pick it up at the top. Is a <strong>chic look</strong> and that you can do it for any occasion.</p>

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long hair with bangs 5


If you want to give him some volume and personality to you hairstyle, you can pick up part of the hair beating the top of your hair and tying it with the clips you consider necessary. So you will get a elegant look Y simple of doing it.

If you want to know more about the types of bangs he reads, Long bangs is the one for you?

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<p>If you want a <strong>comfortable hairstyle</strong> Y <strong>classic</strong> For a special occasion or just to use it daily, do not hesitate to make a <strong>impeller</strong>. You can choose if you want to do it <strong>low or high</strong>, like in the images.</p>
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