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5 fashion options for your next haircut

5 cortes de pelo que querrás probar durante el 2017

With the year we are starting, we also want to renew: as a person, our wardrobe, home, even the occasional friendship. The good thing about making changes is that most of them are totally positive, they fill you with energy and make you feel beautiful.

Beyond being fashionable, a good haircut gives you a new air, and that is just what you need at this beginning of the cycle. Check the proposals of cuts that will govern this 2017 and that will make you want to run away to cut your hair.

one. Pixie

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<p>The return to the 80 to give a feminine image. The trend is a <em>pixie</em> a little longer, with a <em>undercut</em> and the top some long layers.</p>
<h2>two. <em>Bob</em></h2>
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3. Shag or shaggy


The cut that popularized Jennifer Aniston with the character of Rachel in the series Friends came back. Its main feature is the layers and abundant fringe. The tufts are blunt and protrude everywhere.

Four. Chop

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<p>This style will give your mane a beachy effect. It is a simple, fresh and very dynamic hairstyle that manages to soften the features and favors almost all faces.</p>
<h2>5. <em>swag</em></h2>
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