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5 easy hairstyles to tame unruly hair

5 easy hairstyles to tame unruly hair

He unruly hair It is the one that is difficult to control, either because the frizz dominates it, it becomes tangled very easily, it is charged with static or it has baby hairs impossible to govern. Do you meet any of these characteristics? We understand you very well! So today we share the easier hairstyles to end the rebellion of your locks, without leaving a hairstyle tight, boring or well-groomed.

Shall we give you a preview? All the proposals maintain the body and texture of your mane!

Ponytail with braids

If the roots of your hair always get fluffy, we have the solution: Brush your mane well, apply a mousse or styling cream, make a couple of braids on the top of the head (or a very thick one) and then, unite everything he hair in a ponytail, in the style of Gigi Hadid. If yours is to wear it straight, then help yourself with the iron and repeat the same steps. The finish will be much cleaner!

Braid crown

Although it looks very produced, the following hairstyle is very easy to do, since you only need to comb a thick braid on one side of the head, pass it to the other side as a headband and fasten with pins. He hairstyle You can end here with the hair loose and well combed, or in the case of the most rebellious hair, with a bun screwed as in the following photo.

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