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4 masks to grow eyebrows and forget about microblading

4 masks to grow eyebrows and forget about microblading

Women are always looking how to grow eyebrows or how to have them in shape, since they are the frame of the face and achieve the image we want to project -a good eyebrows can make you look more tender, sexier, younger or more professional-.

To achieve it naturally, you have several alternatives outside of makeup (and new trends in eyebrows like microblading) and one of them are the homemade masks. Next, we show you our favorites so that their ingredients help you to reactivate growth and get those Dreamy and bushy eyebrows. Take note!

1. Aloe Vera mask

Mix a tablespoon of aloe vera and 3 droplets of almonds oil. Then, apply on clean eyebrows for 20 minutes. Rinse with warm water, finish with a massage in the area and repeat every 7 days. How does it work? The properties of these ingredients moisturize and fortify the eyebrow follicles so they grow faster.

2. Banana mask

Did you know Banana minerals stimulate hair growth and prevent fall? So is! To take advantage of your eyebrow benefits, we recommend combining ¼ mash banana (of a medium piece) and a teaspoon of vaseline. When you obtain a homogeneous paste, distribute in the eyebrows with ascending movements and leave for 15 minutes. Wash as usual and practice the ritual at least once a week.

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