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4 juices that (really) will help you lose weight

4 juices that (really) will help you lose weight

The weight loss juices They are really effective, as long as you combine them with daily exercise (even if they are 30 minutes of walking a day), a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle in which you rest your forced 8 hours. Now that we have mentioned the keys to take effect, we share the recipes of the best Slimming juices that speed up metabolism and help you lose weight!

1. Green juice

The famous green juices they are high in fiber, keep glucose levels low and don't have many calories, so they keep you satiated for longer and not wanting to want to snack on high carb foods. In addition, within Advantages of drinking green juices in the morning It is the cleaning of toxins and wastes from the intestine so that digestion flows quickly.

How to prepare it?

Blend a handful of spinach, some sheets of kale a sprig of celery, the juice of half a lemon, a teaspoon of spirulina and half of a green apple.

2. Papaya juice

It is a bomb for purify the organism, reduce appetite, stabilize blood sugar and promote fat metabolism. The maximum for Lose weight in a healthy way!

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