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4 exercises with leg exercises and steel buttocks

4 exercises with leg exercises and steel buttocks

The exercises with implants are really effective in tone legs and glutes, but they also work to burn fat, straighten the posture and define the abdomen, did you already know them? If it is the first time that you do them, here are four types of movements that you must include in your ASAP routine.

Well, if you are really committed to your legs, complement the movements with these exercises to remove fat from the inner thighs. They are the perfect combo!

Bank transplant

Taking a bench about 40 cm high Approximately, place the sole of the left foot in the lower corner of the support and the sole of the opposite foot on the floor. Now, raise and flex the knee of the back leg, supporting all your weight on the limb above the chair. Go down to the starting position and repeat the movement 3 series, 10 times, for each leg.

Dumbbell transplant

Taking a pair of dumbbells in each hand, Stand with your back straight, open the compass shoulder-width apart, and step forward with your right leg. Then bend your knees like a 90º squad and lower as much as possible, without the knee passing the toe. Go back to the beat, do the same scrolling with the other leg and so on, until you complete 3 successions of 12 movements.