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37 Halloween Makeup Ideas for Women Step by Step

37 Halloween Makeup Ideas for Women Step by Step

Certainly the Halloween party It is the most fun but also terrifying because we get together with friends and acquaintances in a celebration where the main slogan is to be disguised with a horror theme or some funny character that you like.

The costume is very important but also wear a good makeup It is essential if you do not want to wear a mask for the movie character or horror stories you have chosen.

So if you want to sow panic and terror with your makeup I am going to leave you some good ideas of examples so you can get inspired and make up if you want your whole face.

Keep in mind the best makeups are those that are done with patience, a lot of practice and in front of the mirror next to a photo of which you want to copy as close and real as possible.

It can also help you if you want to make up the children of the home who want to celebrate the Halloween night in a fun way and it is also a good way to lose the fear of monsters understanding that all this is a game.

Start now to discover in these photos and videos the best halloween makeup for women, men and children.

Costume images with Halloween makeup

Leopard makeup a very beautiful and mysterious feline animal where you have to apply the black color and the shading in the eyes to make the shadows as well as in the nose paint the contour of the tip very well. You can give the mustaches in a linear way and as an accessory some ears that are a headband.

Incredible makeup on the mouth and eyes performing the effect of clown or clown through shadows and black tones enlarging the part of the lips and eyebrows in a fun way

These types of make-up are easy to make to make the lips smaller by doing so with a small mouth and big eyes effect by painting their contours using eyelids and if you want to do freckles on the face with only points with an eyeliner pencil you can achieve it

La Catrina is a character that is widely used in the Mexican holiday on Day of the Dead on October 31, November 1 and 2 where a white makeup base is made and then the features are enhanced with black paint, to finish with bright colors like red, yellow and green decorations that you like as hearts are added

As a few lines near each eye outlined as if they were the wings of a bird you can make a very beautiful makeup and then pass a powder on the face to make a paler hue

In this photo you have different makeup of characters to choose on the one hand the spider woman simulating the red suit with the interlaced network with black lines, then you can make up as if you were an Egyptian pharaoh with the eyebrows well highlighted and with a lot of golden paint , then as if you had the skin scaled with boxes without exact form and finally a kind of very dark catrina

If you like Tim Burton's animation it is undoubtedly one of the best achieved makeup options where you have to use blue, violet colors and darken areas of profiles, remember that you can make a good effect of the eyes by enlarging creating one of the best illusions optical when closing the eyes

This makeup reminded me a little of Alice's Hatter in Wonderland and the character of Jack's strange world what I like to add in makeup are those fluo colors that stand out in the dark so it can be a Good idea and if you dare to use contact lenses to change the color of your eyes much better

If you want to have a very large mouth you have to start from your ears to draw as if they were the ends of the mouth and make well pointed teeth as if it were a piranha, you can complement with a turquoise wig.

Pale makeup for Halloween is ideal as many protagonists of horror story books use it with an original scar effect that continues with the lips and great shading for each eye.

Another image to have a good idea of 鈥嬧媘aking a design of the catrina where in this example a lot of white, mime, black and red makeup paint like that of a rose is combined.

Another example of striking teeth as if it were a monster painting each fang white with its mouth open.

As if it were a doll, Chucky's girlfriend is not far from the amazing halloween costumes that a woman can interpret

Halloween makeup that combines color in the hair, paint with shadow on both eyebrows, eyelids and chin

Makeup for Halloween makeup with a tear wall light with very nice shine and white powder on the face.

Original makeup is a good way to appear at the party and this girl came up with just makeup half of her face showing a double face with a stitched makeup

Another good idea of 鈥嬧媔nspiration where you can paint makeup only part of your face and then make an effect behind the mask

Zombie doll makeups are the best costumes and gives you the guideline that it is not necessary to paint your entire face can only be from the bottom half or from the right or left side.

Amazing makeup simulating a cat really the detail it has and the combination of red and dark highlighting the features is wonderful

In the best Harley Quinn style of comics you can paint yourself in the style of casino cards with the symbols pica, clover, diamond and heart

Your friends will be surprised to see the green face as if you were the sister of the incredible Hulk highlighting the expressions on the face

In this costume, one side of the painted face of the skeleton or skull is reflected in the photo and the other is left with daily makeup

You can make a special effect outlining each eye a few lines as if it were spider web to become the spider woman on Halloween

Those intense eyes hide a very big mystery that you will have to discover, painting your lips in black never fails within the incredible makeup

SAW Halloween makeup for everyone who saw the horror movie at the party will remember it using white powder base for face and shadows

This YouTube video explains step by step how to perform makeup on the face

The black widow or the spider woman with a good artistic make-up on the neck.

Incredible make-ups that make me remember the zombies of the Walking Dead series with a lot of imagination and patience you can achieve incredible results

A big smile to hide a wide open mouth with big teeth as if it were Alice's Smiling Cat in Wonderland

Another scary costume where you can do as if it were a break in the layers of the skin just by drawing lines that have a beginning and end on the face

Painting the eye contour of black as if it were an eye mask is an excellent idea to make up the party quickly and easily.

A special effect on the artistic makeup that you can make from your lower lip draw the upper teeth and from the lower chin, you will be the girl like an evil doll.

How to make homemade makeup for Halloween

If you like the day of the dead or celebrate Halloween, I will show you some homemade tricks to do at home and you can do the best special effects with artistic makeup and simulate as if you had wounds, scars that you will surprise with a realism Disguising yourself as the horror character you like best.

The first thing you have to decide is that you are going to disguise yourself then get images and photos to be able to guide you with a good tutorial in which you explain step by step how to do it but if you have some makeup base these tricks and tips will help you to make up easily and quickly.

How to make white makeup for Halloween


Flask with glycerin

1 tablespoon of refined flour (other than whole wheat flour)

2 tablespoons butter

5 tablespoons cornstarch

Steps to make white makeup:

馃ぁ 1) First you have to mix the cornstarch with the butter and then with the flour

馃ぁ 2) Then you have to have a homogeneous and creamy texture

馃ぁ 3) When you already notice that you have this type of texture you have to add 4 drops of glycerin only

Now you have to apply both on the neck and face to be able to disguise yourself as the character you like best.

Some of them can be a ghost, a skull or a clown.

How to make Natural Paint for Face Makeup on Halloween

If you have sensitive skin as I have it then you will understand that using any type of paint can be harmful and toxic to your skin, later causing skin problems such as pimples, blackheads, spots, irritation.

That's why I'm going to show you how you can do your own natural makeup without toxins, makeup tutorial.

You need:

1 tablespoon small cornstarch tea

1/2 small spoonful of mineral water

1/2 small spoonful of cream that you put on your face

2 drops of some edible dye that you use to cook the color you need to make your Halloween costume

Now what you have to do is mix all these ingredients that I mentioned to be applied on your face with artistic makeup brushes or sponges gently until you achieve the desired effect.

How to make red paint for horror costume makeup

The color red is always present in Halloween costumes especially to simulate as if they were skin wounds.

To prepare the ingredients you will need are:

– Corn syrup

– Cornmeal that is sifted which has to be passed through a strainer or sieve

– Color that is edible for pastries such as green, blue, red

Steps to prepare red paint for makeup:

馃ぁ 1) First you have to mix three parts of the corn syrup with one part of water

馃ぁ 2) Then add drops of the red dye slowly and slowly until you find the tone you need for your costume that can be zombie, vampire or any other monster that has red color

馃ぁ 3) If you want to give it a more realistic color you can put some drops of equal measure of green and blue hue

馃ぁ4) To achieve the thickness of the paint you can add any type of thickening element such as flour

馃ぁ5) Finally you leave it for 10 minutes to start applying.

How to make up simulating a wound

If you want to appear a wound on the skin of your halloween character these steps will help you to make up easy, fast and make it as real as possible

You will need to:

  • 1 alcohol gel or a hand gel sanitizer
  • Different markers or colored fibers including black, green, yellow, purple and blue

To start you have to draw a wound with the blue marker

On the inside you have to paint green, yellow, purple and black.

Then rub gently so as not to irritate the skin with the gel that disinfects and it will remain as if you had a real wound for your characterization.

How to make zombie makeup easy and fast

If you want to look like those zombies that appear in the thriller and horror series, put these ingredients together and then follow these steps


  • White glue
  • Face makeup
  • Toilet paper two pieces or sheets

Steps to follow:

馃ぁ 1) You have to put glue on your face but in small quantities and distribute throughout the expensive so you have a thin layer

馃ぁ 2) Since the face with the glue is ready to put a piece of small toilet paper, you can spread a little more glue on both the paper and the contours

馃ぁ 3) You have to cover your entire face but carefully mouth and eyes fundamentally

馃ぁ 4) After you have your entire face covered you can apply the same process to the neck and the next step is to add the makeup with the color you need to represent that monster or zombie

Where to buy makeup for Halloween

Depending on the type of costume you want to wear to celebrate the night of terror you have to consider that some monsters may need a more professional makeup so first you have to make a list of the materials that you will need before going through the different stores to Buy the products.

If you organize and do it with time you also have the option to buy through the Internet through online stores and you can get a greater variety of colors to paint your face.

For example of the ones I know I can recommend you Proest茅tica, Amazon, Mercadolibre and Funidelia among others that you can also know and I would like you to share it with other places to contribute in the comments and further nourish this article with useful information for all who want to dress up.

The important thing is that you have professional makeup products to combine colors and simulate pale faces, fake or artificial red paint, eyes with many dark circles, eye shadows, paint for lips or that makeup that allows you to be as pale as a vampire in the best Dracula style or a vamp, as well as some effects as if it were skin that is not in good condition as it would be of a zombie in the best Walking Dead style.

The artistic makeup stores are not the ones that are most found in the cities since the main ones are dedicated to makeup so I always recommend first looking at online businesses to get more variety but calculate the shipping time so that when the party arrives you can Already have the paint.

Another idea that can be useful when entering the world of artistic makeup is to look at the costume stores that rent or sell them to you.

Where you can find costumes by theme that you like so you have to have the corresponding makeup and paint for each character if you have to simulate a fake wound or if you had stitched skin as much happens with zombie or frankestein style women.

Remember that in addition to make up well you have to try to have all the accessories and accessories for the Halloween party since a witch will need to have a broom a cap as well as if you want to carry a bag as if it were a pumpkin, everything depends on the originality and creativity to enhance your horror makeup.

The red paint can be made homemade or bought to avoid wasting time is like a jelly and the intense color varies according to the brand.

Then you have latex prostheses that you can buy as well as scars, fake wounds that stick to the skin, wigs, false eyelashes and the famous fangs to be the most striking and dangerous Vampire.

One tip I give you is that if you can get makeup for your teeth I recommend it if you want to put a black tooth with some natural paste.

Another recommendation is that you use water makeups are easier then to remove make-up and that they do not react on your skin with pimples then check what kind of palette of shades exist and have available.

Special waxes can be another aggregate to define expression lines on the face as well as if you want to paint your body you can buy the sprays with glitter.

Video with makeup ideas for halloween