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37 Hair Ideas for Long Hair Easy, Fast and Elegant 2018

37 Hair Ideas for Long Hair Easy, Fast and Elegant 2018

Once you try short hair and comfort very rarely you have the long hair, since finding the ideal hairstyle is not a simple task and everything will depend on the type of face we have since according to the shape, size and color of skin can be improved to look prettier.

For this reason I was looking for which are the best hairstyles for him long hair and I was quite surprised when I found more variations than I knew.

Having loose hair is a wonderful thing as long as the texture as the form accompanies us to that freedom we want to wear.

Since it will not be the same if you have Chinese hair or straight or wavy hair.

I have a lot of experience in the different types of hair for my daughters, mainly because I have one of my girls who has straight hair, it seems incredible that she has ironed it as a natural hairdresser.

And on the other hand I have my other daughter who already has more wavy hair and much more difficult to do different hairstyles but as everything is a matter of knowing what is best for us in our head.

Do you feel like knowing all the hairstyles that exist for your long hair?

If your answer is affirmative then you must continue reading this article that I did and investigate for many months because with this you will be able to find, through different photos of models and images, find the definitive solution of what is your best hairstyle according to the shape of your face.

The first thing you have to look for is to look for easy hairstyles for when you have little time to cope with being beautiful, cute and elegant without wasting much time.

Then another important point within the look that you want to take to change and transform are the different haircuts since having the long hair hairstyles It doesn't mean you shouldn't cut it and shape it.

This is another very common mistake that women make you think that having your hair long does not need maintenance at the hairdresser.

Hairstyles with braids are the most recommended when you are young or want to give a youthful appearance, it all depends a lot on the personality you have for that reason it is also another factor that you should observe, if you never used a braid now you will not appear with one in your head since you will surely feel very uncomfortable.

Something that you must define is if this change you are looking for is because you want to find hairstyles for a party or event that you are going to have soon as it can be an important birthday, wedding, business work parties or any type of night out.

As well as if what you are looking for are girl hairstyles because your little daughter starts looking for her personality in front of the mirror and you want to look for her hairstyle cuter according to the characteristics of your hair that can be dry, fatty, thick, fine, etc …

Before the braids I also recommend all the hairstyles designs collected since they are very simple and fast when we do not have much time to take a hair dryer or a brush to shape our hair.

You always have to keep in mind that to have healthy hair you must apply certain precautions but not only once but as a way of life.

Add this routine to, for example, use natural hair masks as I explain in that article describing all that exist for the different oily hair and dry hair.

Or when I recommend that you use argan oil for the benefit of all its hair properties, making it stronger, shiny and silky when combing something very important that you need if you want to implement these hairstyles.

Hairstyle for the straight and wavy style with a thick braid where you can see how the natural curlers fall on the shoulder of the woman who models

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<h3>Long simple hairstyle with middle parting with wavy hair at the ends for civilian wedding</h3>
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Loops in the civilian wedding party tray, assembling waterfall braids for the party bride

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<h3>Thick side braids with volume for youth hairstyle on a 15 year birthday</h3>
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Hairstyles for long wavy hair with the front hair all pulled back and a flower applique for summer and spring can be used for a 15-year-old teenager's birthday or a wedding

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<h3>Loops, impellers and a lot of volume in this hair for a wedding with a makeup and earrings that accompany this elegant and elaborate hairstyle for women</h3>
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Such a style can be a good idea to apply a bun

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