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+37 Easy Ideas to Do Step by Step

+37 Easy Ideas to Do Step by Step

If you are looking for the best medium tail hairstyles To do it in a simple and easy way, you certainly arrived at the right place.

You will be able to learn how to do them step by step, but also discover what are the trends that celebrities and celebrities use in their mane about this kind of look so beautiful.

You can implement for short but also long hair that is actually where this type of pigtails looks the most.

Remember that it has a great advantage of being able to serve perfectly in your head daily but also to be able to go to a party with glamor and style.

👱‍♀️ Media Cola hairstyles in the style of Jennifer Lopez and Ariana Grande

If someone from the Celebrities represents this hairstyle, it is without a doubt these two famous singers who look great on their heads giving a fresh and youthful look.

That is why I will explain all the steps to learn how to do them as JLo and Ariana Grande through written text so that you can be guided in detail but you can also watch the video if you wish or if you get lost in any of the steps.

The difference in hairstyle between these two artists is that Ariana Grande uses more hair for her ponytail style instead Jennifer does it later with almost forehead hairs.

Jennifer Lopez's Half Tail Hairstyle

To start you have to have dry hair, a hair band, two pins or crochet hooks of your same hair color and a hairspray.

  1. From where your eyebrows end you put your index finger on both sides and carry it back by taking a lock of hair backwards forming a triangle in the back division of the scalp.
  2. It is not necessary to comb it so that a natural hairstyle is left without being ironed, so now with that strand make a ponytail holding and passing the hair gum.
  3. Once it is left you push it towards the front so that the hair on the upper forehead gives a sense of volume.
  4. Now you try to slowly open the upper ponytail, letting the long hair fall on each side of the face.
  5. The next step is to take a wick that is approximately thick from the ponytail and you begin to roll over the hair band that you are holding to cover it.
  6. Turning two laps but on the second round you start applying the spray with the spray, and continue wrapping your ponytail.
  7. Until you finish where to fix the two hooks in the shape of a cross.

It's a fast style, you get out of the routine and you are certainly in fashion.

Ariana Grande Half Tail Hairstyle

You have to consider that Ariana Grande for this type of hairstyle uses many extensions which generates too much volume in her hair so it is something that you have to consider if you want to have it similar.

  1. First you have to start brushing your hair with a separate bristle brush so as not to hurt it, you take a top lock dividing the hair to form your half ponytail.
  2. On top of this tuft you make a small chongo and fix it with a garter or with a buckle of hair you have.
  3. If you do not have much hair you should use extensions that you can see in the video how to put them.
  4. After passing this step you have to start with a comb a crepe as you will see is combing until it is a little tangled and then you pass the hair brush.
  5. This crepe process you have to do in the entire neck and crown of the head to give it that volume you need.
  6. Now you take one strands of hair to enchinar it and make loops with a loop, that you do on each side and so that they do not get together once you make the loop you put a hair clip.
  7. What you have to do with a small tuft of the middle tail is to turn it over the hair band to hide the garter and fasten it with a buckle of the same color to your mane.
  8. At the top you have to do a crepe hairstyle and then curl your hair to finish.

👱🏻‍♀️ Half-Tail Hairstyles Step by Step

I will explain all the necessary steps so that you can do the different hairstyles with the half-tail style and that you can see how it can be combined with just a little imagination and combining styles that always resurface or merge with others.

You can find from bohemian hairstyles, applying a loop as a secondary appliqué, adding a braid and different styles that you can surely try with the one that best suits the shape of your face.

Keep in mind that whenever you have long hair you will have much more freedom to experience hairstyles than if you had short hair, so they are mainly explained for long and medium hair.

How to make a boho chic half-tail hairstyle?

Undoubtedly, doing this hairstyle with a bohemian style will be very good because you will be following the trend that is currently used but you also have the advantage that it is a hairstyle that takes years off your face, a rejuvenated look without surgeries, romantic and natural.

Hippie fashion never happens to be out of today and this is a good way to make your boho chic hairstyle that you loved so much for your long hair.

Bohemian half-tail hairstyles

  1. The first thing you have to do is a pair of fine and narrow braids on each side of your face, with this you will give the boho chic style
  2. After each side of your face you have to take two strands but in this case they are thick and then turn it as if you wanted to make a giant loop in each strand.
  3. Once you do it you tie it in the central part of your neck as if you were making a half ponytail or ponytail.
  4. Now what you have to do is cover the league that is joining them with your own hair by taking a strand that is thin to make it more natural.

As you can see in a few steps you have a bohemian hairstyle to complement your outfit and dress.

How to make a medium tail hairstyle with a hair bun?

The first impression that this hairstyle gave me when I saw it in photos was that it certainly had many complications but after practicing it I realized that it is very simple and is elegant when it comes to wearing it and wearing it.

medium tail hairstyle with monkey bow

  1. You have to divide your hair and make a half ponytail for this hairstyle.
  2. This step is important because you have to tie the middle tail as if it were a high-pump hairstyle but passing the league in the middle.
  3. Now this form of bomb you have to divide it into two parts to be able to make the sides of the loop. To fix it is best to use forks that are dark in color.
  4. The next step takes a tuft of your bottom and begins to cover half of the loop made.
  5. Ready your bun is perfect and the joints are not noticed.

Formal hairstyle, fun but at the same time elegant for any office or party occasion.

How to make a medium tail hairstyle with braid on the side?

What I like about hairstyles with braids that gives you that youthful touch that no other hairstyle can give you at least in long hairs, so in this hairstyle I will show you how to do it but so that it stays on your side and you have a casual look.

Ponytail hairstyle with two braids

  1. Start combing your hair from the middle of the head to the side that you like the most.
  2. Now choose your side with the largest volume of hair so you can start from the root to the tip to make a traditional braid.
  3. After you finish it you have to tie it with a garter or hair gum and then hide it (try to be the same color or tone of your hair).
  4. To give it a more casual and natural look, start releasing the braid a little so that it doesn't stay so tight and fixed.
  5. The last step is to fix with spray and with this you will get the hairstyle to use with an outfit is ideal.

How to make a medium-tail hairstyle with double braid?

If you like vintage style and romanticism you wear it on your skin then without a doubt this hairstyle is what you have to do when you can, since it is simple if you know how to make braids and will go perfectly with your very chic look.

  1. Before starting to make the braid you have to untangle the hair since it will give you the ease that you need when making the two braids.
  2. You have to divide your hair in half equally.
  3. Take a lock of the right part to start and start making a traditional classic braid.
  4. Now is the time to do the same but with the other side that would be the left.
  5. On the opposite side of where each braid begins you have to fasten the two braids to each other as if they were crossing.
  6. So that you do not disassemble the hairstyle you can spray with spray fixative.

step by step hairstyle medium tail double braid

Here you have a variation with only one single side braid, which is very beautiful and I recommend it to you in the best French braid style with half a ponytail.

This will give a more romantic effect if you want to do it on one side only.

half ponytail hairstyle with braid on one side

How to make a cross-tail hairstyle?

If you need to wear a hairstyle that seems elaborate but in turn for a formal meeting this is certainly recommended for its rigidity but at the same time its elegance.

  1. To start you always have to untangle your hair very easily to handle it.
  2. Now take a tuft that starts from the forehead to the crown of your head and from the back with the help of a comb start brushing and combing it to make more volume and achieve the expected effect.
  3. With that tuft you have to give it a twist and fix it with buckles or forks.
  4. From the left side of the side of the face you have to take another strand of hair, take it to the center of the head and hold it with pins.
  5. Repeat step number four but with the right side of your hair.
  6. To avoid messing up simply use spray fixative.

half-tailed hairstyle step by step

👩 Medium Hairstyles for Short Hair

When you think about the fashion of medium-tail hairstyles, you certainly relate it to having a long hair where the hair is so long to have greater ease of handling and to be able to do the hairstyle you want, but you are wrong.

In short hair you can also make beautiful hairstyles, elegant and especially youthful.

So keep in mind that it is not a limitation to wear short hair to make a medium ponytail.

It is ideal to wear in cocktail hairstyles and important parties where the event is a cover letter for your image.

Half Ponytail for short hair

When you have to pick up your short hair, the big problem begins, since it is certainly very comfortable to wear your short hair but it has the great obstacle that is presented to all women that is without a doubt like keeping it still for a cocktail or an important event for you.

That's why half-ponytails or ponytail hairstyles are the ones I recommend mainly because they look good but also because simply because with a colored ribbon that is the tone of your dress, you can do it.

hairstyle medium tail short hair elegant

The tape can be small and then give waves or the effect loops with a loop so that it is much more neat and you will notice that there is a previous production in what is your hairstyle, that means that you dedicated time to look pretty.

Think that they are elegant hairstyles so you can not leave or give the natural effect, it has to be well done so that this rebel wick is not out of place.

Picked up disheveled half ponytail for short hair

This is a hairstyle for every day where informality and carelessness has to be produced so that it fits well within the imperfections that could be seen within that look.

As you can not make a complete ponytail then you always use this type of head fixes where you can use it to go to work but also to do sports or be at home.

disheveled casual pigtail half hairstyle

As a recommendation this tip is very necessary to take it into account and that is that Forks and the suspenders transparently, they are your salvation.

Since you can handle the look you want to convey as you wish to conquer those rebel mechitas that shoot with short hair.

It is certainly a simple hairstyle but never loses that glamor since it is very cool and chic.

Half-Tailed Cross Hairstyle for Short Hair

If you have short hair and said to wear a ponytail this does not have to be an impediment since you can look very beautiful for a formal meeting with the hair collected.

It is always used for important occasions and you want to look chic looking cool your hairstyle in which it will not have movement but it will look like the ideal complement to your face.

It is mainly used for Party Hairstyles as well if you have any marriage.

I do not want to exaggerate but many of today's royalty use it and that is why it is so associated with being elegant just seeing you with this look.

The short hairstyle in short hairs can be strands with braids or straightened.

This is an example with braiding that looks very beautiful, romantic and in the best princess style.

half-tailed cross hairstyle

Here you have another crossed hairstyle but where the straightening stands out and fits with buckles or pins.

cross hairstyles half tail short hair

👩🏻 Mid-tail hairstyles for long and medium hair

Undoubtedly, medium-pony hairstyles are ideal for long hair where you can manipulate the hair and handle it as you like.

But you should always look for the best options and from the length of the beginning of the shoulders onwards it is possible that is why I will show you the best hairstyles for medium to long hair They can be done with half a ponytail.

The great benefit of short hair is mainly the volume that can be achieved which gives the possibility of making chongos, braids, bows and different types of wefts and movements that favor the general hairstyle.

Always think this type of hairstyles for formal but also informal issues since the volume of the hair will make you look feminine and with a lot of personality.

Half-tailed hairstyle with top knot

This type of hairstyle is very beautiful and recommended if you want to give a more youthful appearance but also turn it into something informal, natural and very feminine.

It is used a lot if what you want is to hide the bangs or you want to expose your forehead more and clear it.

Generally a bow is made on the fontanel or mollera that is called to the part of the head when you are a baby so it is very nice, delicate but at the same time striking.

I definitely recommend using this hairstyle for casual occasions and I assure you it will be an excellent decision.

top knot medium tail hairstyles

Medium tail hairstyle with loose braid

No doubt this type of hairstyles are for women who like to use the careless look but that is produced with some anticipation.

Do not forget that you can not leave anything to chance in what is your appearance so if you like casual style it can be a good idea to make a half-tail with a braid that is not very tight otherwise you can adjust to give it more volume .

medium tail braids hairstyles

Something that I recommend using with respect to the color dye for this hairstyle are either Californian wicks or the Balayage style that is very good giving life and movement to the hair that looks with a very natural hairstyle.

You can use for your day to day obligations or to go out with your friends to a party or a disco to dance.

Half-tail hairstyles with volume on the crown

If you want to give volume above your head, it will undoubtedly be very nice to make this look in which you will get to give your style a touch of glamor.

By giving your mane that bulky touch on the part of the crown you visually comb your hair elegantly for a moment that is formal, which has to accompany the dress you choose to be consistent with this chosen style.

For this you can use the comb and give it the necessary shape after making the half ponytail and the pigtail is not so tight.

At the end you can add spray as a fixative and that the volume is maintained without disassembly.

medium tail hairstyles with volume on the crown

Medium high tail hairstyle collected

These types of hairstyles are what stylists and hairdressers call, "personality and character consolidators" this is because they give an important volume and personality so it is advisable to use it if you need to impose your strong character or demonstrate that you are important

Something that you have to keep in mind is that your ears are going to be cleared of the hair so I recommend that you wear earrings or large rings to accentuate that look you want to demonstrate as a fatal woman.

As a recommendation for color you can use a balayage that is very beautiful especially in long hair since it can be seen with more style that degrade that so much catches the visual.

This is a formal hairstyle for which the neatness and style must be very present, accompanied by a beautiful dress for the occasion.

hairstyles half high tail formal collected

Side Tail Hairstyle with garters

Wearing suspenders in a hairstyle always gives the feeling of being at home or a very casual look where formalism is on the side.

That is why to start you have to think that these types of designs in your hair can be non-formal and to use daily if you wish as well as for those who take their first steps in the fashion world.

Since it is very simple to do it because the hair gummies or the suspenders can give you a great help without the need for complicated appliques.

half-tail hairstyle with garters

It is necessary to wear straight hair or have it ironed so that the side ponytail you are going to wear is much more prominent.

You can also choose whether to wear the long bangs combed to the side or collected back from the forehead to the crown.

Medium-tail hairstyle with braids and bun

The braids combined with a bun are ideal to convey elegance and glamor but as long as you wear your long hair since otherwise the bun has to be replaced by an applique.

It is a look that looks great to wear at night at a party, event or meeting that you have with someone that interests you to get their attention.

So this idea that I am going to give you in photos can serve you on the one hand the double braid as simple you can apply and in the part of the neck you can make yourself a chongo or a bun to finish your creation.

Once you make the braid that can be on the top of the head to finish inside the middle ponytail you make the bun.

Medium-tailed hairstyle braids jumpsuit

This hairstyle will never go out of style and if you like the romantic look it is ideal for you to choose it.

Medium High Tail Hairstyle with Bangs

This look can be used with bangs combed forward or for a side that you like to hide some imperfection or if you have a lot of entrance on your forehead.

It also has the advantage of being able to be used on any occasion for being casual, youthful and above all fun because you can play with this look as you like.

You have to pick it up if you wish with a garter and especially you light the strand of hair you picked up to make it look.

Then the bangs are depending on how you want to look, but the high ponytail and wear it on top as much as you like.

medium high tail hairstyle with bangs

As you can see in the photo it can be implemented in short or long hair.

Party Tail Hairstyle

It is ideal for a birthday, marriage or simply those parties where you want to be a goddess.

You can add a wall lamp with flowers or gold to give it that romantic tone that you like so much for these special events.

And it is very nice the tone of California wicks or balayage for the degrade aspect it offers.

half tail hairstyles for parties

Half-tail hairstyle for graduation

Similar to the previous one, you can find that braiding can be an excellent option if you have loops or make them for a special moment in your life.

You can make a headband with a tuft and braids that limit the ponytail made for your look.

medium tail hairstyles for graduation

Half-Tailed Wedding Hairstyle

half-tailed wedding hairstyle

Mid-tail hairstyle for girls

For the little princesses of the home it can be a good option for a birthday for example and use suspenders on a strand of side.

I do not recommend it so much to go to school since the hair is loose and is not the most neat for girls.

half-tailed horse nina hairstyle

Medium-tailed hairstyle with curls

Another hairstyle where the loops, curls and wavy hair gives a wonderful chic effect that you can use with a braid that acts as a natural headband or headband made with strands.

medium tail hairstyles with curls

Medium-tail hairstyle with Chinese

The Chinese are an ideal complement to any fresh, youthful and fun hairstyle that every girl wants to use.

chinese medium tail hairstyles

I hope you like all these examples of medium-tail hairstyles and that you can do each one to try which one suits you best.

And I invite you to share this article on your social networks, right now!