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+30 Hairstyles with Bangs ideas + Videos

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hairstyles with bangsThe hairstyles with bangs They are still in fashion and it just always looks good. It serves for many things how to hide large forehead, pimples, make your face look better and even help your look look differently.

Here we will show you hairstyles of all kinds what you can do with bangs or chickens.

Trying different haircuts along with the bangs or chick does not hurt and it is even better to know which of all is better with your face, anyway, the hair always grows and it is not known that it will be better with you.

Here we will show you different hairstyles to see which one you dare.

Some of you may have already seen it in magazines, or on television for artists, because not trying something on an artist will make you feel better and different.

Hairstyles with bangs for short hair

short hairstyles with bangs

This hairstyle is perfect for women with more open eyes, even not all women girls dare to wear a short hairstyle.

Only the daring that is not afraid of anything, this hairstyle looks to women with a thin face, they are very well with a side bangs for either chubby or skinny.

Shaved half part hairstyle

Hairstyles with bangs with half shaved part

Another hairstyle is to wear the half part of the shaved head and the other side with slightly longer hair, leaving the chick in a straight line depending on the taste of the person wearing it.

It will have everything to one side that is much more daring and only for determined girls who do not think much things or regret.

Shaved mushroom type at the bottom

hair with fungus type hair and shaved on the sides

Another one of the short hairstyles: It's a cut kind fungus Shaved at the bottom and the entire top with straight bangs combed forward, you can use disheveled even dye hair to look different.

This cut makes the shape of your face look more beautiful looks super slim and tall woman.

Hairstyle with volume, waves and side bangs

hairstyle with volume waves and side bangs

If you have a short hair with a lot of volume, because the chick to the side with waves or curls from the middle of the hair is the best option, because making it from the root will look much shorter.

If your hair has no volume you can make a cut Bob looks with much more volume, in different layers, and make you a less perfect and thick bangs.

Hairstyles with bangs for long hair

Hairstyles with bangs for long hair

A hairstyle with volume and waves softer and with chick cut from both sides, it looks very cute and pretty and your chick or bangs will change completely, the waves or curls look good all kinds of face.

Hairstyle with paraded bangs

hairstyle with paraded bangs

This hairstyle is very original because the bangs are not cut at the same height and can be divided in half in case of heat or nuisance. If you have a long straight hair, you should make a paraded bangs to create a look with which you will surprise and captivate.

Hairstyle with straight cut bangs

straight cut bangs

Use a open bangs that goes on the entire forehead, it is very flattering and you can remove it from your forehead to the sides when you want in straight and layered cut is ideal.

If you think that having bangs always on your face is a nuisance, a fringe straight cut It is the best for you, so as not to be so boring you can add waves to your hair, or cut graffiti or v hair.

Hairstyles with bun or ponytail

hairstyles with ponytail and bangs

A hairstyle with a low bun is effective if you have a long hair, this will look great and give the impression that you have longer hair, and you can do it without much stress.

If you want a side bun it would look very nice and if you carry volume and some waves with the chick it will be much simpler. You can go to any event and it will look very pretty and you can even uncover the forehead by putting the bangs sideways.

A high ponytail and the fringe On the sides it looks very nice and you can make curls or waves at the ends of your hair if you have a work.

It is preferable which bangs are shorter in winter.

You can arrive the time of a wedding or dinner and we want to be beautiful for the moment, the hairstyles with bun and chick are much more flattering and is the solution to your problem in a quick way.

2-strand braid with bangs

braid with bangs picture

Make a braid of 2 ends in these hairstyles with bangs It looks beautiful I assure you it serves for winter, autumn a party, celebrity, going to the beach whatever it is if you do not know how to do it here we will teach:

1- You comb all your hair to one side as if you were going to make a low ponytail.

2- You separate the hair into two parts.

3 – Then you start to pass small strands of the back of one of the two parts to the other part of the hair on the top and do the same in the other part of hair in a turn way until the braid ends.

Video with several ideas for your hairstyles with easy bangs and different step by step

Images of hairstyles with bangs

If you have been wanting to see many more different styles to try on, the most beautiful hairstyles in the world are for you!