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3 natural masks to prevent acne breakouts

3 natural masks to prevent acne breakouts

With frequent use of the mask, it is possible acne, due to all the bacteria that proliferate between the fabric and your face (and even more so if you are prone to pimples or have skin with excess oil). Therefore, cleansing and facial toner are extremely important steps in your daily routine to remove impurities and balance the pH, in addition to helping you with natural masks once a week to prevent acne as a boost extra.

Here we share some options sooo easy to make and with ingredients that eliminate impurities in depth, without drying or clogging your pores. You will be a fan of them as soon as you see the results!

Mask to prevent acne with vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is ideal for combating dirt, deflating buds and improving scarring. acne. To use it on the face, dilute 3 tablespoons of Apple vinager in 50 ml of water, mix well and apply to the entire face. Leave it on for a minute, rinse with warm water and continue with your usual hydration routine.

Mask to prevent acne with oats

Oatmeal nourishes the skin, absorbs dirt, is a powerful pain reliever and also hydrates! This is very important in your acne masks, since the lack of water causes the skin to produce fat in its compensation and, in contact with bacteria from outside, the pimples are formed more easily. To avoid it at all costs, do this natural remedy: boil ½ cup of oatmeal in water, blend together with a tablespoon of honey, let cool and take to the entire face for 10 minutes.

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