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29 Things that only girls who don't fix understand

29 Cosas que sólo las chicas que prefieren no arreglarse entenderán

Some girls just don't spend our energy fixing ourselves too much. We know that we have a natural beauty and that we look good. We like the simple and simple life, and thanks to this we only need low maintenance. Do not confuse it with the fact that we are lazy, we are simply careless.

1. All our pajamas are tattered

Gif girl in pajamas

Because they are very comfortable to sleep.

2. Your toiletries consist of the basics: shampoo, conditioner and body soap

Girl holding a bottle of shampoo

3. You have a panic attack every time a friend asks you to accompany her shopping

Gif girl screaming desperately

4. Your personal hell: make up

Girl applying makeup to one or the other

5. Because every day you wear light makeup or do not wear makeup

shailene woodley wearing sunglasses and gray sweatshirt

6. With the eyeliner you have more than enough

Girl applying an eyeliner

7. And lipstick? Noo! You prefer to use a discreet lip gloss

Girl applying lip balm

8. You don't believe in hair products. Not even in the brush and less the iron.

zooey deschanel sitting on a bed curling her hair

9. You just shake it and drop it (you have such good hair …)

Girl releasing her hair

10. Or use it in a ponytail (medium arrangement)

Girl standing on the grass wearing sweatshirt shorts and a ponytail

11. Or in a bug (maximum arrangement)

Girl wearing a green skirt and a black leather blouse with sunglasses and a chongo

12. Do you consider visits to the classroom insubstantial

Emma Stone in an interview making faces

Do you sit in a chair for hours while three people mess with your hair? No thanks!

13. If your haircut is bad, just shrug your shoulders

Gif girl shrugging her shoulders

It's hair, grow back!

14. Your idea of ​​a manicure is to keep the nails perfectly cut

perfectly cut girl's nails

15. Basically you have the challenge of dressing in 10 minutes or less

Gif girl getting dressed in 10 minutes

16. Your jewelry collection consists of a pair of non-striking necklaces

jewelry box attached to the wall with necklaces and hanging rings

Because that's all you need.

17. If you overcome the panic attack, shopping with your friends is an exercise in patience

Gif Regina heavy girls driving a car for shopping

What is the purpose of going to all stores and trying everything?

18. You are so happy with your old jeans and shirts!

Girl wearing torn pants purple sweater shirt and bag

19. When it comes to brands, your primary emotion is indifference

Gif ana kendrik in the movie perfect notes saying I don't care

20. That means you don't enjoy the occasional splurge when buying shoes

GIF girl saying no baby no

21. You are perfectly fine staying at home watching Netflix instead of dressing for a night out

Girl lying in bed watching her computer

22. When you go out, you're not picky about anything, because you don't care

Gif Emma Stone Shrugging

23. Elegant events mean taking out your dress that you have not released and looking for shoes that combine

Kristen Stewart wearing a dress and tennis posing on the red carpet of the MTV Awards

24. When you go out to drink, you ask for beer. Good, traditional, casual and delicious beer

Girl drinking a beer jar

25. Your needs are quite simple and easy to meet

gif blonde girl eating pizza in a restaurant

26. You can store all your stuff in a single bag

Girl wearing black pants white blouse and green raincoat with a large handbag

27. The word "delicate" does not exist in your vocabulary

Kristen Stewart covering her mouth during an interview

28. You just don't have room for gossip, drama and all that

GIF Blonde girl shaking her head and twisting her eyes in annoyance

29. Basically you are an expert in feeling absolutely comfortable with your personal style

GIF Tina Fey Dancing

So, raise your hands for your impressive low maintenance style! This is how girl is done!