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25 Designs to decorate your nails inspired by music

diseños para uñas muy creativos inspirados en la música

Your nails should reflect your personality and what better way to pay tribute to the most sublime of fine arts than through notes, instruments, album covers and other designs inspired by music.

Music is everywhere, so why not share your musical taste? Let the world know that you are an irremediable music lover with one of these 25 incredible designs.

1. Album covers of The Beatles

beatles cover nail art

2. Muse

muse nail art

3. Velvet Underground

velvet underground nail art

4. Daniel Johnston

Daniel Johnston

5. Led Zeppelin

Led Zeppelin nail art

6. Musical notes

nail art musical notes

7. Design inspired by a music festival

nail art musical festival

8. Black and white musical notes

black and white nail art

9. Instruments

nail art instruments

10. More instruments with a touch of color

nail art instruments with red

11. Acetate discs never go out of style

nail art acetate discs

12. Neither the cassettes

nail art cassettes

13. A design for each nail

nail art design on each nail

14. Joy Division

joy division nail art

15. Pentagram

nail art stave

16. DJ-inspired designs cannot be missing

dj nail art

17. Elvis Presley

nail art Elvis Presley

18. Colored music

nail art colorful notes

19. The importance of details

gray scale toned nail art with musical note

20. More black and white designs

nail art black and white notes

21. Phantom of the Opera

phantom opera nail art

22. Notes on pearly tones

nail art notes pearly varnish

23. Metallica

Metallica nail art

24. Rockstar

rockstar nail art

25. Pink Floyd

Pink FLoyd nail art