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20 women's haircuts for SUMMER 【2019】 Hairdressing Blog

20 women's haircuts for SUMMER 【2019】 Hairdressing Blog

The weather is getting hotter and for many women, spending long hair could be quite stifling. Therefore, in this new article I will present 10 women's haircuts for SUMMER, very amazing haircuts and hairstyles to wear them in this summer 2018 – 2019. From very fresh haircuts to radiant tones, without forgetting some styles with very creative ideas. No doubt with these haircuts they will have everything covered for this season. I hope you can find the perfect cut for this summer 2015 and if you have any questions, do not forget to comment at the end of the article. You will also like to see the 10 best medium haircuts and 10 short haircuts with curlers for women.

Women's haircuts for SUMMER

1. Jennifer Lawrence style haircut

This 25-year-old girl, recently recognized in the world of Hollywood for her performances in the Hunger Games saga, gives us a little idea of ​​how a woman should wear a very sexy hairstyle for this summer. Previously he liked to show off his longer hair, but in one of his whims he decided to cut most of his hair and show off this beautiful haircut and hairstyle for the summer. It is at the exact point of summer trends. Do you find it sexy to have a cut like this?

jeniffer verno haircut

jeniffer verno haircut

2. Summer haircut – Long hair Jennifer Hudson style

If they have long hair and need to have an urgent cut for this summer, but they don't want to lose a lot of hair, then they have to try Jennifer Hudson's haircut. In the image we can see that she looks beautiful dark black hair with a slightly short bangs. This haircut is a little harder to maintain in the summer, but if you don't have crazy curly hair, you definitely have to opt for this cut.

summer haircut

3. Anne Hathaway style short haircut for summer

If you really are women who suffocate in the summer for having very long hair, then this Anne Hathaway style haircut is what you need. This is a really short hairstyle and is very comfortable, but beyond comfort, what really is the most important, it also offers a very amazing look. If you want to show off this haircut, you just have to remember that you have to keep or leave a lot of hair on top. This adds enough volume to show that feminine look, despite being a short haircut. Ideal for this summer, try it.

anne style cut

anne long haircut

4. Haircut for summer "Cascading layers"

This haircut has been worn by the well-known Victoria Secret model, Lily Aldridge. The cut has long layers that make it look very elegant and heavenly. A very natural and very summer look. Totally fresh and if they have hair with that length, they should try this haircut.

5. Bob haircut with fully rounded bangs

The well-known American designer Nicole Richie, comes to dazzle us with this amazing haircut and hairstyle. It is worth saying that "this is so Nicole" this cut, because this hair is too beautiful. The rounded bangs complement the shape of your face very well and the ends look great under the chin. It is a very fresh and light hairstyle. They like? Try it then.

Bobo with fully rounded bangs

6. Long curly and layered hair, the most perfect for this summer, for its total freshness and comfort

For this haircut you need to have curly hair. Ideally, get the layered cut to prevent hair regrowth, as curly hair normally does. We should only focus on keeping the curls, layers and length of hair that can be seen in the image.

haircuts women summer 2014Haircut woman 6

7. Inspiring, Sexy and very dazzling summer haircut Zoe Saldana style

What a beautiful woman. This young Dominican actress, well known in the world of Hollywood for her performances in the 2013 Star Trek movie, comes to show off her beautiful haircut for this summer.

dazzling summer haircut Zoe Saldana style

8. Jessica Chastain shows off her haircut for this summer

This cut and style of hair for the summer, is not considered as a cut that really fits for the summer, but what does it matter, if Jessica says so, then it is. It is a very beautiful cut. Its color is the one that stands out above all and although it looks a bit long, it really isn't, it is only grouped on one side. What do you guys say? Is it or not a summer haircut?

Jessica Veano Haircuts

9. Chloe Moretz super sexy hairstyle for this summer

Our young and dearest actress Chloe Moretz of the famous movie Kick Ass 1 and 2, comes to show off her beautiful hairstyle for this summer. Very elegant, dazzling and surely it is a cut capable of capturing all that masculine sight. See how beautiful.

women's haircuts for summerSummer haircut 9
modern haircut for summerSummer haircut 10

10. Bob Decker style summer bob haircut

The super model Brooklyn Decker is also ready for this summer with her Bob haircut. Looks something blonde and very blunt. Do you find them attractive? In my opinion, she has had better hairstyles and cuts, but she is super pretty.

And what cut did you like best? Tell us! And if you want to laugh a little, don't miss the 10 ugliest cuts for women!

11. Short and comfortable haircut

Like all short haircuts this is very comfortable but for that reason it is still feminine and modern, ideal for all types of women who this summer do not want to worry about maintaining their hairstyle.

short haircut for summer

And there are more models of hairstyles and haircuts for this summer!

haircut and hairstyle for this summer

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