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20 Tricks to comb your hair with a perfect ponytail

Tips para conseguir el mejor peinado con la clásica ‘cola de caballo’

Sometimes we just want to improve our hairstyle and try something new and cute. Horsetails are always great and easy to make, and they make you look groomed without so much formality. There are a lot of styles in a ponytail, which makes it a versatile hairstyle. For example, you can make it straight, accompany it with a side braid, add a small chongo or tie it in different positions: high, low or center. Anyway, as you wish.

Here are 20 tricks and styles that will help you wear a careful, fun and even elegant ponytail. It doesn't matter if you have medium or long hair, you only need a comb or brush, brooches and elastic bands to create a fabulous ponytail.

1. Create a ponytail in medium length hair

Girl showing step by step how to make a ponytail with brooches

2. Make two ponytails to give the illusion that it is longer

Girl showing how to make a double ponytail

3. Triple ponytail

Blonde girl showing step by step how to make three horse waves and join them

  • Separate the hair into three sections and hold them with small elastic bands, one over the other
  • Flip the end of the tail, put it between your head and the elastic bands and finally pull the bottom
  • Put the two upper ends of the tail under them

4. Braid with ponytail

Girl showing step by step how to make a ponytail with a braid aside

  • Make a French braid on the side of your head from where the hair begins until it reaches the end and tie it with an elastic band.
  • Gather all your hair, including braid, in a ponytail, and tie it with an elastic band; wrap it with a small section of hair to hide it. Hold it with a clasp.

5. Ponytail with volume

Girl showing step by step how to make a ponytail with volume

  • pull your hair and tie it in a high ponytail with an elastic band
  • To give your ponytail an extra touch, divide it in half and place a small clip (make sure it matches the color of your hair) at the base. Then hide it with the upper half of the hair.

6. Add a bun over your ponytail

Girl showing step by step how to make a ponytail with bun

If you don't have much time to make a perfect hairstyle every day, but you want to look good, this bun in a side ponytail is the solution. Just follow the instructions in the image and voila!

7. Horsetail to go to the gym

Girl with a ponytail for the gym

Making a ponytail by levels is the safest way to remove hair from your face when you go to the gym. It is the perfect hairstyle if you have the long bangs or layers that always seem to escape the elastic band.

8. French braid with ponytail

Girl showing step by step how to make a ponytail with a braid

To have a change of look funny.

9. Curl your hair in a minute with a ponytail

Girl curling her hair with a ponytail

  • Make a loose ponytail
  • Divide your hair into several sections
  • Curl your hair with the help of an iron
  • Remove the league, and voila!

10. Knot to wrap the hair

Girl braiding her hair in a ponytail

This is another way to wrap a ponytail. You just have to separate two strands of hair, then tie them on the ponytail and finally fasten it with pins.

11. Speaking of wrapping the ponytail, there is a trick for that

GIF girl wrapping a lock of hair in her ponytail

The secret is to use a curling iron and wrap the strand of hair as shown in the image.

12. Give it some height with a pair of brooches

Girl buckling her hair with pins

13. Braids on the sides attached to a ponytail

Girl making a braid on the sides of her head to attach it to a ponytail

If you have short hair on the sides that you often fail to hold with the elastic bands, the best option is to braid it and then join it with the rest of the hair

14. Give your ponytail a messy look

Girl breaking up her ponytail

Use dry shampoo and a brush to give your ponytail a disheveled and fun look.

15. Change the conventional ponytail to one next to it


16. The two-knot ponytail is more interesting

Girl doing a side braid

17. Achieves a horsetail with great height, like that of Ariana Grande

Girl combing her hair like Ariana Grande step by step

18. If you want to cut the battered ends of your hair this is an option

Girl cutting the ends of her hair

In long hair it is simpler, but it is always better to visit the stylist.

19. Add accessories to cover the hair league

Girl with an accessory in her hair

If you want to add an accessory to your hair, the ponytail cuffs they are the best option

20. You can try another style with a ponytail on the neck and some fishtail braid

Girl with a ponytail and a fishtail braid