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20 tragedies we have lived when we put on makeup

15 tragedias que todas hemos vivido en carne propia cuando nos maquillamos

In addition to the many tasks we have during the day, women have to face a harsh reality: the world of makeup. Fascinating and tortuous at the same time, perhaps we have all had a love-hate relationship with him and we spend long hours of our lives trying to perfect our skills, but things don't always turn out as we expect.

The tragedy of a broken dust is just one of the many sufferings we face every day in order to look perfect. Therefore, we present the 15 tragedies that we have all experienced when we put on makeup.

1. No one said it was an easy thing

Woman putting on makeup for the first time.

2. Those who have been through this know what it means to suffer

Broken makeup meme.

3. We live in anguish that something like this can happen to us

Woman curling her eyelashes.

4. When everything conspires against you

Pocahontas wearing two colors.

5. Tutorials are humanity's worst hoax

Woman following YouTube tutorial.

6. You go through life leaving a mark

Lipstick mark on the glass.

7. Choosing the best way to apply your makeup can be a nightmare

Different types of brushes to brush the eyebrow.

8. And when you have no money, worse

Crying for not having money.

9. If you have not yet tried to outline your eyes you still do not know what it is to live

Woman with an ugly eyeliner.

10. One day you learn that not everything is as it seems

Comparison of the makeup of two girls.

11. Not even makeup

Expectation and reality in makeup.

12. A simple movie trip can end like this

Woman with run makeup.

13. This is how your makeup cases end

Dirty makeup bag.

14. What to say about the cell phone?

Stained makeup cell.

15. The important thing is to persevere

Actress with a tired face before putting on makeup.

16. Don't give up on the first

Eyeliner all run.

17. Go decisively for life

Makeup store.

Performing lipstick tests on the arm.

18. Hope that one day …

When mascara runs in your eyes.

19. Not so far

Actress draining her makeup.

20. Everything will be perfect! Or almost

Woman with half of her face made up.