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20 Tips for your beauty products that will save you

Grandes para ahorrar y alargar la vida de tus productos de bella

All women (at least those I know) love makeup and don't skimp when it comes to acquiring cosmetics and beauty products; sometimes we consume them so quickly that at least we realize it is necessary to buy others.

Before you spend on more products, we give you these tips to use every last drop of your cosmetics and give new use to products that you already have in your home.

1. Powdered shadow has solution with some alcohol

eye shadow made of powder and alcohol

What you need to do is place all the pieces in the original container and then add a few drops of alcohol to form a paste. You let it sit horizontally overnight and the next morning is ready to use again.

2. Relive the blush and facial powder with the same trick

broken blush and base

3. Paste the broken lipstick with fire

how to repair lipstick

If it broke, there is nothing that a little fire cannot fix. Just be careful not to burn yourself.

4. Use the last part of your lipstick Favourite

remove lipstick residue

heat melted lipstick

With a knife remove all the product that is left in the tube of your lipstick. Place the whole product in a spoon and heat it on a candle or lighter until it melts and pour the melted lipstick into a small jar so that you can use it again once it returns to its solid state.

5. Cut and open the product tubes when you think they are already empty

Packaging of cut products

You will be surprised to see how much product they still have.

6. Dip your mascara into a glass of warm water to remove the thick product

mascara for water

7. If your mascara needs a little more volume or is very dry, add 10 drops of saline solution

mascara and drops

8. That gel eyeliner comes back to life by adding eye drops

gif eye gel

9. Is the conditioner over? Use apple cider vinegar

Apple vinager

Use it as a final rinse. The acidic nature of vinegar softens the outer layer of your hair, leaving it shiny and untangled. It also eliminates the accumulation of products and serves as a substitute for clarifying the shampoo. Do not worry about the smell; It dissipates when the hair is dry.

10. Use first base before the shadow

before and after using primer

It helps the eye shadow have more intensity without using much product.

11. Use a cheap soap to clean your makeup sponge

gif cleaning sponge with soap

12. Save on eyelash extension treatments with olive oil

olive oil and eyelash applicators

With a clean brush, apply at night to strengthen and lengthen your eyelashes.

13. To prevent the tip of your eyeliner pencil from breaking, place it in the freezer for a few minutes

eyeliner pencil

14. Relive a dry pencil eyeliner by placing it under cold water for a few seconds

down eyeliner pencil

15. To loosen the nail varnish cover place it face down in hot water

enamel upside down in glass of hot water

16. So you can use your thick nail paint, use some enamel thinner

enamel and enamel thinner

It is much cheaper than buying a new enamel.

17. Save on scrub by mixing baking soda with water

baking soda in spoon

18. Makeup brushes can be cleaned if you dip them in baby shampoo in warm water

water dipped brushes

19. Is the makeup remover finished? Use baby oil, and if residue remains, apply a few drops of baby shampoo with water

baby oil and shampoo

20. When your favorite perfume is about to be finished, add the last drops to a bottle of unscented body cream

perfume and body cream

The aroma will be very light but noticeable.