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20 Problems experienced by thick-haired girls

Luchas que enfrentan las chicas de cabello grueso

Having thick hair is impressive, because it really is flattering; You don't worry about giving it volume and, of course, you get the best hairstyles. But before you have the perfect hair for a selfieYou have to do a great job with him.

When most people imagine thick hair, they think the models of Victoria Secret They are waving their hair from one side to another spilling glamor where they pass. But while this sounds like a great attraction, thick hair comes with a large share of struggles. These are some problems that only thick-haired girls understand.

1. Your drain is always clogged by a lot of hair

GIF girls uncovering the bathroom sink

2. Your hair is cut all the time

GIF Girl crying and screaming nooo

Especially when you try to untangle it

3. Your hair or braid tail does not hold for long

Girl sitting on the bed with an unmade braid

4. The conditioner is always finished before the shampoo

Shampoo and conditioner

5. If you leave your hair wet, it will remain wet all day

Girl with wet hair

Seriously, air drying is not possible.

6. When you want to dye it you have to buy at least two boxes of dye

Hair dye

7. Straightening your hair is totally a nightmare

Bad hair movie scene. chic with half the hair patched

Oh yes, flex the muscles; It will be a really difficult task.

8. It always suffocates you

GIF britney spears sweating

No matter what time of the year it is, you basically always have a scarf around your neck

9. You spend at least half an hour in the shower trying to make it clean

Woman taking a shower

10. Brushing it is hard work

Gif tangled movie scene. Girl brushing her hair

It takes at least more than 20 minutes to undo all the knots that form in it.

11. Your house is full of all the hair that you drop

Bathroom tiles filled with a girl's hair

Even your boyfriend and your clothes are covered with hair

12. Drying it may take too long

Girl drying her hair

Because of this you have very strong arms.

13. The wind is your worst enemy

GIF girl fighting the wind and her lipstick

And if you add that you have lip gloss …

14. Your arms hurt every time you try to braid your hair

Girl braiding her hair

15. You have to get up early just to make your hair look presentable

gif Movie scene the princess diary

16. You are tired of stylists always mention the thickness of your hair

Scene of the mega firecracker movie. Girl with the stylist

17. You have to have hair bands in your hand all the time

Colored hair garters

Because one is never enough …

18. The real fight begins every morning

Ana from the frozen movie with matted hair

Your hair is practically a bird's nest

19. Sometimes, you really want to get rid of so much hair

GIF Girl crying

20. But despite the obvious struggles, you look spectacular with your mane

GIF Nicki Minaj touching her hair