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20 pointless photos for girls who don't wear makeup

fotos que solo entienden las que se maquillan

Makeup can become a work of art when applied in the right way and you have many years of practice; However, some girls are not totally addicted to applying any type of powder on their face.

They will never know how exciting it is to achieve the perfect eyeliner in minutes and of course they will never know that heaven exists when you enter a makeup shop. These are some things that make no sense to women who don't wear a drop of makeup.

1. That feeling of euphoria when you achieve a perfect eyeliner at the first

GIF girl lining her eyes perfectly

2. Although achieving it is totally a myth

GIF Nicolas falls outlining his eyes

3. No, it is not a rare disease; This is called trying all lip tones

A girl's hand covered with various shades of lipstick

4. For girls who love makeup there is no "I will only come in to see"

Nars makeup on a bed

5. Do you realize that a makeup tutorial is also an art

Girl showing a tutorial to contour her face

6. Your bedding will never be saved from a makeup attack

Sleeping girl wearing makeup and with stained makeup bedding

7. This is similar to when someone breaks your heart; but this is more painful

Broken Compact Makeup

8. Staining clothes when you try it on is your daily bread

Stained clothes with makeup

9. This is what it looks like when you leave your face printed on a cleaning wipe

Cleansing wipe full of makeup

10. We always go for everything, until the last drop of makeup

Almost finished makeup tube

11. This is to feel that paradise does exist.

Exclusive makeup store

12. A lot of emotions – or the weather – can cause great damage

GIF movie the orphan. Girl cleaning her makeup

13. Everything you touch is filled with makeup

back of a car seat full of makeup

14. This is a total and horrible misfortune

makeup shadow exploded on the makeup bag

When your eyeshadow or compact powder decide that it is a good time to break and spread throughout your makeup bag

15. You are afraid of this happening to you when you start putting on makeup

Woman with red lipstick stained teeth

16. You may feel that you are blind when the eyeliner decides to enter your eye

GIF girl with makeup run inside the eye

17. Sometimes your shadows decide that it is perfect to spread throughout your face

Girl with eye makeup scattered all over her face

18. This is the result of trying to correct your mistakes

Eyeliner-filled swabs

19. These strange faces become too normal

GIF girl grimacing at makeup

20. But when you put on makeup and finally stay perfect!

GIF Emma Stone Makeup Red Lips