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20 of the worst marriage proposals that can exist

20 Personas que deberían tener prohibido pedir matrimonio

All women, as girls, dream of a special and beautiful wedding. We also want the moment of the proposal to be the most romantic in the world, however, not all men know how to do it. In fact, there are ways you should never have chosen to propose marriage. Here are some of the worst proposals we have found:

1. Romantic onion rings

Congratulations to @brandon who has just asked his girlfriend to marry him using a blooming onion!

dish of onion rings and dressing with a ring to propose marriage

2. The answer is NO!

Naomi … would you marry me?

marriage proposal graffiti with a negative response

3. Brings it upside down … literally.

head-on poster with a marriage proposal

4. Your love will always be protected

different wifi keys on cell phone with locks

5. I caught you!

white and red ball with a message and a ring inside it

6. Unexpected happiness

hand with a ring and under it a legend where the girl explains her marriage proposal

7. Love in good times and bad

Who would think?

person on his knees and the other on the toilet while the man proposes marriage

8. The original choricero boyfriend

man writing the name of leslie with sausages and a heart

9. Would you be the owner of my heart and my cattle?

cow with letters on his skin that say you want to marry me

10. Marry me! Please?

men showing their asses with different letters

11. Proposal with double surprise

box with mustard envelope and in the middle has a ring

12. Definitely original

plate with a hamburger and inside it has a marriage ring

13. It is better not to hide the ring in food

X-ray of someone's chest with a ring near the lungs

14. Let the whole world know

blanket with a message of love

15. Klaro kee is a nice touch

description on facebook of the marriage proposal that a girl received in a chicken breast

16. We assume that you answered YES

two people holding a blanket where he proposes marriage to a girl

17. Proposal in classifieds

classified ad of a newspaper where marriage is sought

18. If you want them to see how sensual your girlfriend is

spectacular where a young woman appears and lyrics that say marry me

19. Or you bet a pair of beautiful shoes

kneeling man holding a shoebox to show them to a girl

20. Does anyone consider a public toilet romantic?

two people in a public restroom, one stop and the other on his knees holding a ring