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20 ideas of nail designs decorated for brides who use in their wedding

20 ideas of nail designs decorated for brides who use in their wedding

For the girls who are ready to get married I want to leave some of the nail designs for brides so they can look beautiful on that special day that is the day they are about to say yes, all the designs are very delicate and especially worthy of a bride who wants to show off and we must not forget that you are the queens of that day more than anything every detail counts so that they are sold.

If you choose any of the models that I leave you it is simple if you are going to do it you can practice days before to see how it goes with the practice says that the teacher is done so get down to work, and if they hired a person who It is the one that is going to be in charge of doing these things for you. I advise you to show them the design you chose so that you can copy it or make a similar one so that you have what you want and with what you feel most comfortable.

We must not forget that the hands are very important because with them we are going to sign, they are going to put the ring on us and we are also going to place the ring so the cameras will be pointed at our hands at that time and it is a I remember that it will surely be for a lifetime so you have to see more than perfect and all eyes that day will be focused on us, it is not that the boyfriend is not important but we are the strongest center of that day for the pinewood, the nails, the wedding dress and everything we have on.

For those who still do not decide which nail arrangement they will use for that day, what they can do is download each of these images and save them on their computers or cell phones and then choose with their friends the design that goes with you because the reality is that each bride has her style and you have to respect it in this case I leave several for them to choose from, there are more sober ones and some with more striking glitters also all depend on the wedding dress that they are about to wear you have to see all the details That's why I tell you that it depends the bride is the look.

Photos with simple, easy and inspiring nail designs for your wedding

Motif with flowers where you look for the natural background of the nails and highlight the tip with the French nail style

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Pearl black nails where we can highlight an original color for the wedding for a second change of wedding dress at the party


Painted from the middle of the nail where you can see the linear design

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<h3>Transparent enamel for all the fingers of the hand except a single finger hatch in each hand highlighting with white flowers</h3>
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Nails where the external part is highlighted by a shine on each finger (you must have good calcium so that they do not break)

designs for nail brides

Another highlight of the nail by very subtle shine and transparent enamel to give shine

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<h3>This design changes in each finger of the hand where we have shines throughout the nail with white base and bright lines in other interspersed fingers</h3>
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Long nail design with glitter appliques and French nails where the white color is at stake in the wedding dress

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Design with French nails where the detail is the shine on the tips as well as a white line that separates the part of the enamel with the bright

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<h3>Nails for your wedding night where we find more French style with white flowers</h3>
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Background color of the nails pink skin color that follows the aesthetics of the fingers and much shine on the outside of the nails

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<h3>Fingers decorated with flowers and appliques of small stones of glitter that enhance for every bride waiting for her wedding</h3>
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Cream color in nails with pink hue where the shine highlights each of the fingers to match the wedding dress

manicure-novias-400x250 "width =" 400 "height =" 250 "srcset =" 400w, http: //www.mujeresfemeninas. com / imagenes / belleza / manicure-novias-400x250-190x120.jpg 190w, 300w, http: //www.mujeresfemeninas. com / imagenes / belleza / manicure-novias-400x250-100x62.jpg 100w, 240w, http: //www.mujeresfemeninas. com / images / beauty / manicure-novias-400x250-160x100.jpg 160w, 234w "sizes =" (max-width: 400px) 100vw, 400px "/></p>
<h3>Apply light pink colored flowers with a separation of the painted and transparent part by white dots</h3>
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