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20 Harry Potter nail designs that are pure magic

Uñas decoradas de Harry Potter

While many of us wear out trying to paint our nails in one color, other girls create masterpieces that are worthy of an art gallery. Just take a look at these nail designs inspired by the famous world of Harry Potter to say: What kind of witchcraft is this?

You will not stop marveling at the talent of these people, and maybe even take all the inspiration necessary to create your own work of art on your nails, just decide what design you like best and get down to work, they will look totally spectacular.

1. Draco Malfoy seems totally real

Harry Potter nails with Draco Malfoy's face

2. All lethal spells on your nails

Harry potter's nails with magic spells

3. Have you imagined seeing all the Hogwarts houses in your hands?

Harry Potter nails with the wizards' houses

4. Wear all the glamor of Harry Potter on your nails

Harry Poter movie nails with cauldrons

5. Station 9 3/4

Harry Potter nails with season 9 3/4

6. Wow, these even have the elder's wand!

Harry Potter's nails with scenes from the movie Deathly Hallows

7. Some nails full of references

Harry Potter nails painted with wizard icons

8. Of course, Dobby can't be missing

Harry Potter nails painted with dobby

9. The Deathly Hallows I and II

Harry Potter nails painted with deathly hallows

10. Harry Potter in a completely elegant black and gold color

Harry Potter nails painted in gold and some movie badges

11. The final battle

Harry Potter nails painted as in the final battle of Harry and Voldemort

12. The flight of the hippogriff

Harry potter nails painted with the hippogriff and the castle

13. The first snitch of Harry

Harry Potter nails painted with golden snitch

14. So you will never forget that she is levious not leviosa

Harry Potter nails with a Hermaiony design

15. All the iconic Harry Potter symbols in your hands

Harry Potter nails with wizard icons

16. A great game of Quidditch on your nails

Harry Potter nails with a kuiditch game

17. Gryffindor

Harry Potter nails with Griffindor house design

18. All colors that represent Harry Potter

Harry Potter nails in red with the magician's face

19. Harry Potter in blue

Harry Potter nails in blue

20. Hedwig!

Harry Potter nails with the hedwick owl