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20 Gal Gadot looks that show your wonder style

20 Looks de Gal Gadot que demuestran lo maravillosa que es

Gal Gadot was Miss Israel in 2004, began to appear in the world of cinema with his role as Gisele Yashar in The Fast and the Furious. His leap to fame came when he played Diana Prince in Wonder Woman

She is an admirable woman who in 2016 was named honorary ambassador for the empowerment of women at the UN, also filmed while she was pregnant. She is very sweet with her fans, we love that she takes flats to the red carpet and her naturalness. Today is 33 years old, that's why we honor her with her outfits more great.

1. In 2004 Miss Israel was declared

gal gadot miss israel 2004

2. In 2007 with a short dress color bone

gal gadot 2007

3. In 2011 with a leather dress at the premiere of fast Five

  gal gadotBack in 2011

4. He wore a gray-scale dress at the premiere of Fast and Furious 6

gadot gal Fast & Furious 6.

5. In 2013 he opted for a circular skirt with a great print

gadot gal 2013

6. Here with a crop top to match her skirt at Comic-Con

gal gadot comic with

7. With his 1.78 m, Gal prefers floor shoes

gadot gal

8. But it certainly looks gorgeous with heels

  gal gadot dolce and gabanna

9. Its stylized figure allows you to wear embroidery and mermaid skirts

gal gadot Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice

10. Knows well how to wear a suit and look beautiful

gal gadot premiere criminal

11. Red is the color that best highlights your skin tone

gal gadot Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice

12. On the street you can see with basic as coats camel

gadot gal

13. Or cool dresses with sneakers

gal gadot striped dress

14. In 2017 he attended the Golden Globes with his tummy

  gal gadot mugler dress

15. Has a refined style and chic

gal gadot pink dress

16. We are fascinated by your choice of moccasins

Jen Klein Day gal gadot

17. The Givenchy dress she wore at the premiere of Wonder woman

gal gadotGivenchy

18. This pink Oscar de la Renta set is one of its best outfits

  gal gadot oscar de la renta dress

19. Gal shone the night of the Oscars

Oscars 2018 gal gadot

20. And at the party she looked sexier than ever… Congratulations, Gal!

Gal Gadot red dress armani privé 2018