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20 floral designs to wear nature on your nails

20 Uñas con diseños de flores para adornar tus manos

The flowers are beautiful in any of their varieties, they have so many colors, delicious aromas, shapes and sizes. They have served to inspire artists and designers; In addition, when they are alive they make you feel better, because there is nothing cuter than walking under cherry trees, in gardens full of tulips and gardenias. Or see that your heartthrob has arrived with a romantic bouquet of roses is priceless.

The buds and shoots are also perfect for decorating the nails, from very simple designs as if a small one had drawn them, to intricate floral patterns only for experts. Here are some ideas to decorate your hands with flowers on your next visit to the manicurist.

1. A very design hippie in various shades

nails with flowers

2. Nothing cuter than a pink base

nails with flowers

3. It does not matter simplicity, but contrasts

nails with flowers

4. Pointed nails and very red roses

nails with roses and green leaves

5. Look for stamps and don't be afraid to experiment

nails with flowers

6. If you want something colorful, make the background contrast

violet nails with pink flowers

7. For lovers of simplicity

pink nails with pink flowers

8. Sometimes the simplest designs are the prettiest

nails with flowers

9. A black base enlivens the colors

black nails with colorful flowers

10. With a nail stick you can draw daisies

black nails with white flowers

11. Paint large flowers in red, pink and violet

nails with black flowers

12. A pair of white flowers on a blue background

nails with blue flowers

13. Paint your hands red and form flowers with brush strokes

nails with red flowers

14. A geometric design for girls trendy

minimal flower nails

15. Try to combine the color of the base with your flowers

nails with purple flowers

16. Decorate the center with a crystal

nails with red flowers on transparent background

17. Cherry trees are easy to draw

cherry blossom nails

18. A little patience and will remain beautiful

nails with blue and white flowers

19. Inspiration can come from anywhere

nails with pink and blue flowers

20. Combine your favorite colors and you will have magnificent nails

nails with colorful flowers