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20 clothing trends to wear this summer 2016

OUTFITS para primavera-verano

Summer has arrived and nothing excites us more than changing our wardrobe for something much cooler and more comfortable. To do this you must have all the options of garments that you need to get right now to create the best looks of this season.

The colors you will see most this year range from nude, stick pink and blue to wine, navy blue and a wide range of grays to make your combinations. We leave you the best trends with 15 looks to steal looks this spring.

1. Don't let those baggy jeans go loose

loose waist jeans with tennis and hat

The jeans at the waist returned and we love them more and more, combined with a crop top no neckline and a bohemian hat.

2. Combine textures; lace blouse and corduroy skirt

white lace blouse with suede skirt look

You need a very feminine blouse with lace, and extra point if you combine textures with a corduroy or suede skirt.

3. A waist skirt with long sleeve top

waist skirt with long sleeve top

If you use one mini at the waist like this, try to combine it with a simple long sleeve top to avoid teaching more and staying 100% chic.

4. Smooth white set

Kylie white choker top and skirt set

Keep it simple: top, skirt and choker of the same color.

6. Very hippy baggy pants

baggy pants with bohemian print and platform sandals

Cute baggy big pants for a spring Sunday combine perfect with high platform sandals.

7. The white blazer will be your favorite this season

woman with denim shorts bag and white jacket blazer

It combines absolutely with everything; you can wear it day or night and you will love how elegant and formal it looks even with ripped jeans.

8. Printed set for an imposing look

belly button set and long print skirt and hat

For this type of looks it will be a lot not to add accessories, since the print will be the protagonist of the whole outfit, we recommend you to wear a stylish hat and plain shoes that achieve the balance in your image.

9. Waist jeans with heels and crop-top

Loose waist heel jeans folded heels and top

Another beautiful way to take advantage of your jeans at the waist will be by folding the bottom and combine them with cute heels. Wear a crop top in some eye-catching color and sunglasses.

10. Skirt skater pink and shoulderless top

pink skater skirt with shoulderless top

Shoulderless tops are have become one of our favorites this season. Steal twice as many looks combined with a skirt type skater Some nice color that contrast.

11. The skirt Vaseline this 2016 is fashionable

50s maxi skirt with heels and white blouse look

This skirt cut is very cute and feminine, it reminds us of the 50s and rock. Combine your skirt with platformless heels and a cute collar for a look More formal at night.

12. Also wear your skirt in a more casual way

long gray skirt tennis and beach shirt gap

A long skirt with your favorite shirt and sneakers to give a more relaxed style to your look.

13. Use the peach color this season

V neck chiffon blouse and peach skirt peach sweater with printed shorts

The peach color to combine with a blazer smooth or ones shorts prints, looks very feminine and fits all skin tones. It's divine, don't let it go if you find it in your favorite boutique.

14. High boots with minis

camel suede dress and high boots

If you love your curves and want to teach but only a little your legs, this one look You'll love it. Combine your boots above the knee with your favorite dress and go. Extra points if the dress is plain but with a lot of texture.

15. Shorts and woven bralette

gold cropped shorts and crop top and accessories

If you want to look cute shorts at the waist, look for crop tops fabrics or with very 60s styles that make you feel comfortable and fresh for this hot season. Combines with very striking accessories and a pashmina To cover your skin from the sun.

16. Maxi t-shirts with everything you can think of

T-shirt combinations for spring look

Well, not literally with EVERYTHING, but the truth is that the maxi shirts are super trendy besides being versatile, you will love them; not only for any type of body, but also for day, night, with jeans or shorts They look perfect.

17. Skirts fitted to the knee and tops without cleavage

set velvet skirt and closed top heels

A look simple but very sophisticated is this one with a fitted skirt up to the knee and a closed top with a high neck. Perfect for a bar or dinner night, with nice platformless heels.

18. Skirt skater and long stockings for a sexy-casual outfit

woman with short skirt and long pony hat and scarf

We love it for cloudy days when we will have an appointment and we want to see ourselves beautiful. You will have the look of that special boy if you dare to wear some funny socks that give him look with more style to all the outfit.

19. A set for the office very chic

Office look closed vest and floor shoe

A formal outfit for the office or school will be this white shirt and black vest. The shoes in camel, nude and pale pink are the favorites this season.

20. Broken jeans, with bohemian hat and booties

ripped jeans and a bohemian blouse casual look

Take this look One Sunday afternoon and succeed by combining your best bohemian accessories with your favorite ripped jeans.