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20 beauty tricks you should start following today

trucos de belleza que necesitas empezar a seguir hoy mismo

Thousands of women in the world live daily the challenge of getting the perfect look in the least amount of time possible, that is why when it comes to makeup or hairstyle tricks, it is impossible not to try to master them at first. Because achieving the perfect counturing, even tips to save as much money as possible in cosmetics, are the things that really interest us when we are facing the mirror trying not to waste too much time.

And although each girl has her own makeup ritual, it is no secret that more than one would like to forget the old and late makeup techniques and try new methods that teach us to save more time. That's why we have for you this list with 20 beauty tricks that you need to master to forget the old routines and give way to new trends in makeup. So take note and take advantage of the simplest and most useful tips for your lifestyle.

1. Use baby powder for thicker eyelashes

woman with baby powder on her eyelashes

After the first layer of mascara and with the help of a swab, apply a little baby powder on the tips of your eyelashes. Then paint the next layer with mascara and you will immediately see the effect that you will achieve as false eyelashes.

2. Achieve a countouring more natural being less accurate

white woman with illuminator spots to contour

The magic of achieving a much more natural contour appears when you mix the natural tones of your skin with the illuminator and bronzer. So start to stop covering ALL your face and instead just stain a little.

3. Avoid lipstick stains on your teeth with the help of your finger

blond woman with stained teeth and finger with lipstick

Put your finger in your mouth and take it out, so that the excess will remain in your fingers and not in your teeth.

4. Delineate with concealer to enhance outside your lips

red lips woman and concealer

After you've done the finger trick in your mouth and you lipstick It's been perfect, apply a light layer of concealer on the outside of your lips and see how they look even bigger right away.

5. You can also use white eyeliner

woman with white lip liner pencil

And so you draw the "cupid curve" on your lips to achieve a much more defined figure.

6. Dry shampoo works best one night before

blond hair woman applying spray

If you are taking care of your hair and cannot wash it daily, apply dry shampoo before sleeping. All the movement in your bed while you sleep will help to make a better effect on your hair and erase any spots of white dust. You will wake up with a soft hair and with a lot of volume.

7. Use a card to paint your eyelashes from the root

woman with card painting her eyelashes

With the help of a business card, pull your eyelid inwards so that you can paint your eyelashes from the base.

8. Roll up strands of hair to locate your split ends

blonde woman curling her hair and trimming her ends

Once you do this, you can easily tell which tips are the most open and with the help of scissors you can get rid of them quickly.

9. The best trick to outline if you are new to the subject!

woman with spoon outlining her eyes

Once you have mastered this technique, you will see how easy it will be to delineate your eyes and achieve a cat eye without the help of the spoon.

10. Remove the bags under the eyes with orange shadows

woman with orange shadows in her dark circles

For blue or green dark circles under your eyes, apply a layer of orange shadow under your lower eyelids.

11. With the help of lip balm you will achieve a perfect manicure

woman's hands with lip balm on her fingers

The lip balm will help you take care of your cuticle once you've cut it.

12. Apply a white enamel base and then one of your favorite color

pink nails with and without white enamel base

If you first apply a layer of white enamel this will help your enamel color shine and look much more vibrant.

13. The easiest way to achieve 3D lips

woman painting her pink lips and enlarging her volume

15. Powders translucent at key points and you'll look more awake

woman with illuminator on her face at key points

Apply with the fingertips a little translucent powder at these key points to achieve a look Even more radiant.

16. Apply mascara from the temple to your nose and not vice versa

woman painting her eyelashes from the outside in

We are commonly used to apply mascara from the inside out, but makeup experts recommend the opposite. Start applying it this way and you will notice the difference right away.

17. Use every last powder of your makeup

mineral powder container and hand with a coin

A very good way to start saving more money on your makeup is when you start taking out the last thing that comes to your products. This example of currency and mineral powders will give you an idea.

18. Also cut the plastic packaging of your liquid makeup

makeup jar trimmed on a table

Whenever you finish completely with some cosmetic product, it would be useful for you to keep the bottles, they will help you keep the leftovers of other products and help you use every last drop of makeup.

19. Check your makeup once you get in the car

short hair woman putting on makeup in the car

The daylight that we usually receive once we leave in the morning in our car helps us to expose more easily any makeup error that has escaped us when we put on makeup in our room. Turn it into one of your daily habits and every day you will become more expert in your makeup routine.

20. Save all expensive mascara brushes

Five different types of mascara brushes

These brushes usually usually adjust and close with almost any other container of mascara than yours. So start by saving the best designs of mascara brushes according to your needs.

For example, there are some that have very small and thin bristles, these can be used to paint your lower lashes more easily. Those thick brushes can be more useful when you dare to wear false eyelashes. Over time you will become an expert in mascara and eyelashes.