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20 Beauty products to give to any woman

Productos de belleza que son el regalo perfecto para cualquier mujer

Most of the time you have no idea what to give to your girlfriend and end up buying the typical things that maybe after a while no longer use or stay in the deepest of the closet? If you are thinking of a gift for a special date or simply because she deserves it, this is a way to put a smile on her face: beauty products.

Do not forget that if you make a gift like these (except for fragrances, creams or perfumes) you must tell your girl or the woman who will receive it that is so that she looks even more beautiful. You will surely be delighted to know that you appreciate how it looks.

1. Lipsticks

Lipsticks of the new mac collection

2. Eye shadows. One is never enough!

Sephora box with shadows and blushes

3. Nail polishes

Clinique enamels

Four. Kit of Victoria’s Secret fragrances and creams

Victoria secret products

They have a delicious smell.

5. Lip scrub

Bubblegum Lip Scrub

She will love it and you will definitely love her lips to be soft.

6. Lip balm

EOS lip balm

What better way to complement the care of your lips than a protective balm?

7. Mascara

Maybeline mascara

Girls love to give them volume and lengthen our eyelashes. You can't miss mascara as part of eye makeup.

8. Flush

Blush of two different shades

9. Perfumes

Miss Dior pink perfume

Just be careful to choose a youthful fragrance or one that you like. You can subtly ask which one you prefer.

10. Hair care products

Oxygen hair products

Having hydrated hair and care is important for most girls. If you love taking care of your hair with different treatments, you will like these products.

11. Wand to curl hair

Curl iron

12. Eyeliners of different types

Eyeliners in different ways

If you don't know which one she prefers, buy two or three different ones. This way you will help her try new methods of drawing.

13. Face Illuminator

NARS face highlighter

14. Face care products

Clinique skin care products

These types of products will help you keep a fresh and hydrated face. They usually include soap, toning lotion and moisturizer.

15. Makeup brushes

Makeup brushes mac brand

16. Bath salts

Bath salts

Of course, if you have a tub to enjoy this wonderful experience.

17. Heat protector

Loreal heat protector

18. Exfoliating mask

Vichi face scrub mask

This 3-in-1 mask is wonderful. If you only use it to wash your face, it will act as a cleanser and scrub. If left to act for ten minutes, it will have the function of being a cleansing mask. It's perfect!

19. Corrector

Bourjois CC EYES eye concealer

A concealer will illuminate your eyes and help you hide dark circles and imperfections.

20. Makeup fixative

Thermal water to fix the makeup

In addition to helping to fix the makeup, it also helps to remove it. It will give your skin a feeling of freshness.