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20 beautiful ideas of bob and long bob cuts that you will love

Ideas de corte bob y long bob

Haircut bob or lob It is the most popular and elegant that we will see during 2016 and just for a good reason: it is versatile, easy to maintain and also gives you all the style you want. The bob cut gives you the perfect length and is long enough to pick it up in a ponytail, braid or bun.

The styles of cuts to the clavicle or chin height are always beneficial for the hair, because your hair heals when you cut it because you eliminate the dead hair that forms at the tips. So you just have to choose the type of cut you like best and try a new look with a bob cut. Check out these amazing options and be amazed at how amazing your hair can look.

1. Cut bob with a tone ombré from purple to gray

Girl with a bob cut dyed in gray with purple root

The cold and vivid colors are still in trend, even for girls who are lovers of the appearance of gray hair. A cut bob long You can use straight or fully curled to make you look even more beautiful.

2. Cut bob in rebel blond color with chocolate roots

Girl with a bob cut in blonde with brown root

This cut is special if you want to take out your inner rocker because it will give you a lot of attitude. This bob cut has some layers which creates a wonderful movement. The blond color with the contrasts in chocolate color make you look feminine as well as favoring your face completely.

3. Cut bob with a Undercut on the neck

Girl with a bob cut and shaved neck

This is a totally avant-garde and modern cut if you want to look bold. You just have to put your hair in a ponytail to highlight the undercut or leave it loose, so nobody will know what's going on in the back of your neck. The question is: would you dare to use it?

4. Cut bob with bangs

Girl with a bob and fringe cut wearing glasses

The cut bob It can also be accompanied by a bangs that will help you further emphasize the features of your face, in addition to helping your face look thinner.

5. Long bob

Girl with chinese hair in blonde bob cut

This cut does not require too much maintenance, you can even take it with intact waves when you have not had to wash your hair. You just have to spray a little water, add a little mouse or gel and you will be more than perfect

6. Dark wicks in a cut bob

Girl with bob long hair cut with blonde lights

When you paint your hair with dark wicks and highlights, you get beautiful and more natural hair. The light highlights do a great job accentuating your features. In addition to looking fabulous with wavy or straight hair.

7. Cut bob with a blond color ombré

Girl with bob cut hair with a belayage dye

This style offers you a good length if you still want to have your hair fastened. How can you see the tone ombré It is a trend that is still in fashion so you can opt for a gradient of three tones without feeling old fashioned.

8. Bob classic with marked waves

Girl wearing a bob cut with waves

Keep up with these beautiful waves. The dark color that appears below will give more dimension and style to your cut bob classic, in addition to the texture of the hair will make you look like a beautiful girl from the 50s.

9. Court long bob with a blond tone balayage

Blond girl with a bob long cut hair

Say goodbye to the boring and lifeless cuts and choose this cute and elegant cut. This style adapts to any type of face, in addition to being perfect for summer. The color is a blond Balayage extremely daring and fun.

10. A voluminous and orange cut

Girl with an orange-colored bob haircut

Most people think that if you have a round face you should not use this type of cuts, the truth is that this type of cuts is good for any type of face. Also if you add a little volume on the top you will make your face look sharper, impressive right?

11. Court bob textured blunt

Girl with a bob cut hair with an orange and blond color

This cut accompanied by a beautiful reddish-blond color will give you a totally amazing look.

12. Court lob blond

Girl with long bob hair dyed in gold with brown root

The lob or long bob It has taken great strength right now. With this cut you manage to have a great length to pick it up in a ponytail, and it is short enough to have a low maintenance when combing it. A shake and a little mouse and you'll be ready for any occasion.

13. Court bob smooth and asymmetric

Asymmetric bob cut with an ombré color in red with black

A sure way to make your cut stand out is to dye it red. The asymmetrical cut will make your features stand out even more.

14. Court bob loose

Girl with the bob type cut to the never

Yes you can have fun with your court bob Even if you have too thin hair. You can increase its texture and volume with a little muse, wax and hairspray; This way you will be able to slightly ruffle your hair and give it a casual but elegant look.

15. Court long bob

Girl with a shoulder-length bob cut

If you do not want to be so extreme and cut your hair to the collarbone, this may be a perfect option for you. The cut long bob Keep maintaining a fairly adequate length so you don't feel that you have cut much of your hair.

16. Court bob smooth

Blond girl with bob cut hair

The ones with wavy hair are not the only ones that can enjoy a cut bob so can the girls with straight hair, and I assure you that it makes them look incredibly beautiful.

17. Court bob with long bangs

Girl with a bob type cut and a caramel tone hair color

If you don't have bangs, don't you think it's a good time to give it a try? A side match helps you to frame your face and give more movement to your bangs.

18. Bob with a bit of layers

Blonde girl with a layered bob cut

The cut bob It doesn't have to be totally symmetrical, it can also have a bit of layers to give it more volume. You can dye it blond with some dark wicks. It can be quite difficult to get the kind of depth with dark wicks but they are perfect for highlighting your hair.

19. Court bob with a platinum blonde tone

Girl with bob cut in blond tones

If you want a volume without curls, the hot rollers will be your best friends. Use them before brushing your hair bob classic. Add some volume to the bangs with a round brush and you're ready to be perfect for your whole day.

20. Court bob lazy with a gray tone

Girl with a bob style cut in a silver tone

If you have a large forehead and are worried about how your short hair will look, don't worry. This cut with a gray tone is magnificent to show a greater appeal in you. You just have to keep the front relatively soft and elegant.