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20 beautiful decorated nails that you can do yourself

20 hermosas uñas decoradas

Choosing the enamel and the design of our nails is essential, because the first thing that people see is in our hands, that is why we cannot leave it at random, having well-groomed nails will talk about your personality and of the concept you have to combine your nails with a daily look.

What is the perfect way to increase the elegance of your hands? Some girls resort to wearing really eye-catching accessories in order to make their hands look luxurious and magnificent, but sometimes this can be too expensive. The easiest and simplest way a woman has to change the appearance of her nails is using an enamel.

Your nails can be decorated using different colors and designs, so don't think about spending a manicure when you can do it yourself. These are 20 beautiful decorated nails that you can do yourself.

1. Wine color with touches in gold

Nails decorated in plum color

2. The nude color and coral are the perfect combination

Nails decorated in salmon with nude color

3. Not all your nails have to be the same, you can paint some of a different color

Nails decorated in plum and white with black and gold dots

4. This is undoubtedly the cutest thing you'll see

Nails decorated in pink with a rabbit in black

5. Some stones can give a sophisticated and elegant touch

Nails decorated in mint green with a yellow bear

6. If you like the most elaborate, these roses are spectacular

Nails decorated with pink roses and a blue nail

7. Highlight your nails using different shades of blue

Nails decorated in blue with white

8. Perfect for Valentine

Nails decorated in pink as a postcard

9. Make them look delicate with a few colored dots

Nails decorated in nude color with pink and orange dots

10. The golden touches will always make them stand out

Nails decorated in purple with gold

11. This combination of three colors is beautiful

Nails decorated in plum and blue

12. If you are a lover of pink this is perfect for you

Nails decorated in pink with a carrot

13. Use stripes and dots to give them a fun touch

Nails decorated in pink with hearts

14. Neon colors are always a good option to look fresh and fun

Nails decorated in mint green with silver

15. If you are a sea lover, you will love this

Nails decorated in coral and blue with a starfish

16. A few stones can make all the difference

Decorated nails of purple smell

17. The mint color will always make your nails look more joyful

Nails decorated in mint color with pink hearts

18. Black and white is always elegant

Nails decorated in white with black lines

19. You can try some flowers for the summer

Nails decorated with colorful flowers

20. Use a matte shade to make them more spectacular

Nails decorated in purple with white and blue dots